Wish and a song

Sabrina Ness shares music with classmates

Sabrina Ness performs a song for her Andersen Elementary School classmates.
Sabrina Ness performs a song for her Andersen Elementary School classmates. (Gazette Photo by Avery Cropp)

BAYPORT — Andersen Elementary School students attended a special concert Thursday afternoon for one of their own.

Sabrina Ness, an 11-year-old from West Lakeland Township, performed a couple of songs from her CD for her fellow students. What made the performance special is Ness is a Make-A-Wish Minnesota child.

Ness has dealt with the chronic lung condition cystic fibrosis all of her young life. The condition has no cure. Her family found out about Make-A-Wish Minnesota while they were at the Cystic Fibrosis Care Center, and although Ness toyed with a couple wishes, including a trip or getting dolls with disabilities, the young singer-songwriter wanted to record a CD and have a release party.

To fulfill her wish, Make-A-Wish Minnesota connected Sabrina with Joel Sayles, lead singer of Rocket Club, who worked with Sabrina to write her original songs titled “Perfect”, “What Lights You Up?” and “Summer.” With the help of engineer Kevin Bowe and Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Hodge, Sabrina recorded her songs at the Institute of Production & Recording. Ness said that it was a wonderful experience. Her mom, Naomi Ness, said on recording day Sabrina said that she was made for this day.

“At first I was like ‘whoa’, ” Sabrina Ness said about her reaction to the studio. “With all the instruments and students that were learning from experience, there was a lot of people and it was busy but really cool.”

After going through the production of her CD, “Sabrina Revolution,” the release party occurred in January at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis. Ness was picked up in a limo and she and her family stayed at The Grand Hotel. After a walk down the red carpet with flashbulbs following her every step of the way, she sang some songs and had an autograph signing party after her performance.

“The cool thing about this is that unlike a trip, it will never fade away and I’ll still have my CD,” Sabrina Ness said. “I feel like a star now and I’ll feel like a star tomorrow in school too, because I had kids coming up to me after the performance today and giving me high-fives.”

But the best part for Sabrina is that her wish allowed her to get her songs out there.

“I’ll hopefully write more songs and I want to be a famous singer someday, like Pink or Adele, or Taylor Swift,” She said. “I want to go on tours maybe, and write more music.”

What Sabrina hopes to do with her songs is send positive messages to people. Her song “Perfect” is about accepting yourself for who you are and her song “What lights you up?” encourages people to find what they’re great at.

“I’m so happy and excited for her. It’s been a big year for her and what better way to end her time at Andersen,” Naomi Ness said about the performance. “Sometimes too, when I see her perform, though I know she’s great, I think that she is so professional and it always surprises me. I guess I still see her as the little girl she was. But every time she performs she does even better than the last time, and I’m really proud of her.”

To learn more about Sabrina or to purchase copies of her CD or other merchandise go to www.facebook.com/sabrinarevolution.