Girl Scout on a mission

Abigail Lee is tops when it comes to cookie sales

Abigail Lee mans her booth at Family Fresh grocery store in Hudson last Friday afternoon. She is one of the top cookie sellers in the country.
Abigail Lee mans her booth at Family Fresh grocery store in Hudson last Friday afternoon. She is one of the top cookie sellers in the country.

HUDSON, Wis. — You could call her a rock star sales girl, but Abigail Lee of Lakeland is more than that. She’s a Girl Scout on a mission to reach her cookie-selling goals.

The fifth-grader has been involved in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. Last year, Lee sold 2,003 cookies making her one of the top sellers in the country. Because her family is going on vacation before the cookie sales season ends March 17, Lee hopes to sell 1,000 boxes. Her goals are different every year but as of Feb. 22, she sold 750 boxes.

Lee said people have funny reactions when they learn how many boxes she has sold.

“They’re eyes get really big like this,” she said with a giggle as she raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes.

Although selling so many boxes is hard work, Lee said it’s worth it when she reaches her goal.

“It’s worth the prizes,” she said. “I’m working towards earning a Kindle Fire. Last year the prize I wanted was an iPad and I got it.”

The hard work takes Lee to stores and neighborhoods throughout the St. Croix Valley, and sometimes even Arizona when she’s on vacation with her family. Her cookies even reached South Africa when she sold boxes to a couple of people who were going on a trip there.

According to Lee’s mother, Jenny Lee, all the travelling and sales pitches have put miles on the family cars.

“We were out every day, and we went everywhere. We almost broke the wagon we used it so much,” Jenny Lee said. “It gets kind of crazy. Last year, the scouts upped the ante and we had to try to sell cookies at $4 a box. Of those sold, only 65 cents goes to the Girl Scouts to help them fund activities, but the incentives of the electronic prizes the group added at the same time as the price increase just made the girls go further and sell more.”

After Abigail Lee sells all her boxes, she loves participating in activities funded by the sales. Her troop hopes to explore Duluth one weekend later this year with their cookie sale earnings.

“I think the best part of Girl Scouts is getting to do the activities with my friends, like go skiing, volunteer and go to Girl Scout camp.” Abigail Lee said. “My favorite memory of camp is there was one of my friends who got frogs in her hair. They got into her bed and it was really funny.”

Abigail Lee has tips for others who have big cookie sale goals.

“When you’re in a booth, you should always say ‘hi’ to everyone that comes in and don’t bring electronics because they’re distracting,” she said. “And when you go door-to-door, introduce yourself, tell them your name, what you’re doing and ask them if they’d like to buy any cookies. Also usually people ask how many you’ve sold and then it’s okay to share what you’re hoping to sell.”

“It’s really a rewarding experience for the girls. They learn a lot about setting goals, and it helps them develop life skills going forward,” Jenny Lee said.