Teen faces assault, robbery charges

A Lake Elmo man faces simple robbery and fifth-degree assault charges after a Oct. 18, 2012, incident at Stonegate Park in Lake Elmo.

The 18-year-old man, identified in court documents as Andrew Moser, and his friend, identified as Dakota Schultz, allegedly lured two minors to the park under the guise of meeting girls. Court documents indicate that when the minors arrived at the park, Schultz got out of the car and started hitting one of the boys. Moser then allegedly joined in the assault.

After the attack, Schultz allegedly forced the victim to give him all his money and took the victim’s hat which he gave to Moser.

Court documents then state that the other minor heard Schultz threaten his friend and friend’s family if the incident was reported to police.

Court documents state that Moser allegedly admitted meeting the juvenile victim while out at the park with Schultz but claims he did not participate in the assault.

Help with stalled car leads
to motorist’s arrest

Minnesota State Patrol troopers helping a Stillwater man with his stalled car instead arrested the motorist on drug-related charges.

The man, identified in court documents as Daniel Kukuk, called for assistance Oct. 20, 2012, when his car stalled on Minnesota 95 at Hudson Road in Woodbury. The responding state trooper discovered Kukuk had a cancelled driver’s license and allegedly was fidgeting, sweating profusely and licking his lips repeatedly, leading the officer to suspect Kukuk was under the influence of a controlled substance.

Court documents state that the trooper searched Kukuk’s vehicle and allegedly found a small bag containing a substance similar to marijuana. During the search of the car, the trooper noticed Kukuk allegedly shifting around the back of his squad as though he was trying to hide something.

The trooper asked Kukuk if there were more drugs in his vehicle and Kukuk allegedly replied that he would tell the trooper if the trooper wouldn’t arrest him. Documents say that Kukuk told the trooper there were other bags in the vehicle’s center console and he would dig them out. The bags contained methamphetamine and five white hydrocodone pills.

Kukuk was taken to jail and staff located two more bags of marijuana in the waist band of Kukuk’s pants.

Accident has man facing several driving-related charges

A Stillwater man faces criminal vehicular homicide/operation and DWI charges after a May 19, 2012 incident.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety troopers were sent to the scene of the two-vehicle crash involving the man, identified in court documents as Michael Jones in Stillwater Township, and a woman driving a BMW.

Arriving officers found the BMW and a Chevrolet Cruze surrounded by three men, one of which was Jones. The female driver told troopers she was yielding for westbound traffic when her vehicle was struck from behind by the Cruze. Jones allegedly corroborated the woman’s claims and told troopers he was driving.

The two other men had abrasions to their forearms and another had a bloody nose and dried blood on his shirt from the accident. Troopers smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from Jones and he allegedly failed field sobriety tests. A PBT was administered resulting in .149 BAC. A test of his blood results indicated that he had a .12 BAC.