Is God blessing America?


The question is asked: “Can God continue to Bless America?”

This week we have observed Presidents’ Day, in special honor FOR two great presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps they were not perfect, but they adhered to the principles of the Bible. That made them great.

As the nation of Israel prepared to enter the land God had promised them, they stood in the valley between Mounts Ebal and Gerizim. From Mount Gerizim was read the blessing of God for obedience and all the people would answer and say, “Amen.” From Mount Ebal was read the cursing if they disobeyed and all the people would say, “Amen.” (Deuteronomy 27:9-26).

From this we can say that God can and will continue to bless America as long as America honors God with Bible principles. God has blessed America because in the past we have had some great godly leaders who sought to honor the God of the Bible, like Abraham Lincoln.

Last summer, my family and I were privileged to visit Lincoln’s Kentucky birthplace. It is now a musem displaying Lincoln’s birth and early childhood. One of the first displays was Lincoln’s Bible. His mother read to him from the Bible daily and it was the book he learned to read from. It became such a part of his life that until the day he died it was his daily mediation.

There are things approved by many Americans today, and sanctioned by leaders of our country, that are contrary to the Bible. It is not a hate crime to stand against things that are detrimental to our country.

If God is to bless America, we need to uphold our president and leaders in prayer. Our prayer should be that they will humble themselves before God and seek his face through The Word,that Bible principles will prevail.

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