Briefly 2/21/13

Fundraiser plays on

The Lakeview Hospital bridge marathon, now in its 50th straight year, recently completed play for the period ending Feb. 15. Group leaders and their points are:

Daytime Group A (sixth round)
Carolyn Les and Mary Meinecke, 18,200
Angie Orff and Barb Dahlke, 15,730
Marie Delahunt and Marie Olson, 14,240
Sharon Parnell and Mary Jo Teed, 14,190
Daytime Group B (fourth round)
Shirley Theissen and Gayle Lobitz, 12,250
Mariam Calkins and Gretchen Turnblad, 11,290
Molly Anderson and Nordis Schrankler, 9,710
Elvera Romness and Connie deCler, 8,740
Evening Group I (fifth round)
Lynn and Tom Foster, 16,350
Mariam and John Calkins, 12,780
Kathy and Larry Panciera, 11,060
Evening Group II (sixth round)
Mary Meinecke and
Carolyn Les, 18,470
Angie Orff and Sandy Brown, 16,910
Diane Hawkins and Sidney Murphy, 14,510

The bridge marathon raises money for the Lakeview Foundation scholarship fund. Call Barb Dahlke at 651-439-4162 for information.

4-H hosts horse project day

Washington County 4-H holds its annual horse project day meeting from 8 a.m. to noon March 2 in Hooley Hall on the Washington County Fairgrounds in Baytown Township.

4-H members in third grade and older are encouraged to attend and learn about the Horse Bowl, county fair and horse camp and listen to a veterinarian and farrier. There will also be refreshments and door prizes.

No registration is required to attend. Call Lori Passe at 651-249-8808 or Barbara Mehta at 763-234-2457 for information.