Ariola Erenberg Lawsuit likely moving to Washington County

Attorneys for the city of Stillwater and James Ariola in the Ariola Erenberg lawsuit are awaiting an judge’s order transferring the case to Washington County court.

The lawsuit concerns the August death of 9-year-old Jack Ariola Erenberg and was originally filed by the attorney for the boy’s father, Jim Ariola,  in Dakota County court in Hastings. Jim Ariola’s attorney is Scottsdale, Ariz.- based lawyer Roger Strassburg.

The lawsuit charges the city of Stillwater, the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission, Washington County and the state Department of Health with wrongful death, negligence, failure to warn and violation of regulations in the death of Jack Ariola Erenberg after the boy contracted primary amoebic meningocephalitis (PAM) from an amoeba in Lily Lake in early August.

“We are awaiting an order from the court in Dakota County to transfer this case to Washington County.” said Pete Rignier, legal counsel for the city of Stillwater, on Tuesday. “We anticipate an order to to be issued shortly since the opposing attorney withdrew his objection to our request to move the venue and it is being transferred to Washington county. I have not seen the order yet so I cannot say whether it’s been issued or not. We are simply waiting on the order and then the matter will be officially transferred to Washington county.”

Strassburg said the issue was worked out between the parties due to technical legal issues.