Shattered car windows reported in Stillwater

Four incidents involving shattered vehicle windows were reported to Stillwater Police late Monday into early Tuesday.

Stillwater Police reports said the incidents occurred on the 500 block of Laurel Street West, 2600 block of Hawthorne Lane, 9200 block of 130th Street North and 1300 block of Cottage Drive. All the damaged windows are thought to have been hit by BBs or similar projectiles.

Reports state that most of the shattered windows are on the drivers side of vehicles, although other reports include a damaged rear and front windows of the vehicles. Estimated damages on most vehicles were at least $500 per window.

There are no suspects and no witnesses to the incidents.

Another incident involving a broken window was reported about 8 p.m. Monday on the 2000 block of Pine Street.

Police reports state that a man said his driver’s side window was shattered after his wife said she heard a loud noise outside. The window was thought to be broken by a small projectile.

Reports state that the man told officers that nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle but added that two or three weeks prior to the current incident, a different window on his vehicle was broken. He hadn’t reported it becasue he felt it was random and not significant.