Items taken from church during funeral

Two rosarys, a Bible and ring intended to be placed in the casket of a deceased individual were apparently stolen from a Stillwater church during a funeral on Monday.

According to a Stillwater Police report, staff at St. Michael’s Catholic Church were told that the four items were missing from the casket after the funeral service. The report said a staff member told officers he took the items out of the casket and set them on a planter in the atrium prior to bringing the casket into the church. He added what he did was standard practice and discovered moments later that the items were missing.

The theft couild have occurred during a 10-minute window according to reports and there is no information about who took the items.

The report indicates that family members of the deceased are thought to be the only ones near the missing items during the time they were left unattended. Total value of the items is estimated at $325 and they have high sentimental value to the deceased’s family, according to the report.

Alleged assault at local bar

A Somerset, Wis., man reported that he was assaulted by multiple persons at a local bar Feb. 9.

A Stillwater Police report said officers responded to the complaint at Lakeview Hospital. The man told officers that he and his girlfriend were at the Freight House and met acquaintances.

The man told officers as he waited for his girlfriend, bar staff told him to move and not block patron access to the club. The man told police he responded verbally to the demand, though he couldn’t tell specifics of his response and the next thing he knew he was jumped by five to seven people who forced him to the ground and beat him.
A police reports states the complainant said he lost conciousness and remembers being pushed out on the street and was ordered to leave, then vaguely recalled stumbling down the street.

Police asked the complainant if he made any retalitory threats after being forced out of the bar. The man said he did not recall saying that but reports note that the description provided by the man of his clothing and time he was forced to leaves matches the timing of the unruly patron report.

Reports state that when the complainant was asked about his injuries, he told officers he went to the hospital because he was coughing up blood and had difficulty breathing after the incident. The man added that he had limited use of his injured right hand.

Doctors told the complainant nothing was broken but he was suffering from internal bleeding and bruising and should rest.

Reports also indicate that the man was told to come to the police station to document his injuries in person and for additional follow-up, but has yet to do so.
Reports said further questioning of Freight House staff showed only two bouncers were on duty that night. Reports added that the bar manager spoke with his staff and told officers the man was removed due to unwanted advances and comments made towards other patrons’ girlfriends and spouses.

The manager told police his staff said one of the bouncers confronted the complainant and told him to leave. The manager added that they tried to diffuse the situation but an altercation ensued to forcibly remove the man from the bar.

Reports said after the man was removed from the Freight House, employees told the manager the man threatened them and started physically punching a nearby garbage bin and left shortly after police arrived on the scene.

The case remains under  investigation.