Convicted felon caught with firearm

A convicted felon was sentenced to 60 months with credit for 301 days served after being found in possession of a firearm and giving a false name to a peace officer.
The man, identified in court documents as Brett Brandstrom of Stillwater, was not allowed to possess a firearm due to a 1994 second-degree assault conviction.

Court documents said Brandstrom was stopped by a Minnesota State trooper after reports about a pick-up traveling at high rates of speed and tailgating vehicles north on Interestate 494 from U.S. Highway 52. Court documents said the trooper pulled Brandstrom over, explained the stop and asked for Brandstrom’s name.

Court documents said Brandstrom told the trooper his name was Shawn Michael Brandstrom with a birthdate of Oct. 25, 1981. After running the name and birthdate, the trooper pulled up the photo of the driver which did not match Brandstrom’s face.
Court documents add that when the trooper asked Brandstrom why he had given a false name, Brandstrom admitted that he knew his driver’s license was suspended and he didn’t want to get arrested in front of his teenage child who was in the car.

Court documents state that the trooper noticed two dead geese in the pick-up bed and asked the teenager who shot the birds. The teenager said his dad shot the birds. The trooper also located two shotguns in a gun case lying on the rear seat.
A further criminal history search indicates Brandstrom also had a Jan. 5, 2005, conviction for possession of a firearm by an ineligible person.

Man convicted on drug charge

A Stillwater man was convicted of fifth-degree drug possession and given five years probation.

The man, identified in court documents as Jeremy Scott, was convicted of the charge after a Sept. 20, 2012, incident involving another Stillwater man, Travis Burns.
Stillwater Police officers were conducting surveillance on a residence on the 500 block of Churchill Street after neighbors reported they thought drugs were being sold out of Scott’s home.

After officers observed what they believed to be a drug handoff, they followed a car and its three occupants and stopped it. Court documents state that when the officers asked the man identified as Burns to get out of the vehicle, they saw in plain sight on the driver’s seat several small plastic baggies with Batman and Superman emblems on them that field-tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed 4.5 grams. Other drug paraphenalia was also found in the car.

Court documents state that after being read his rights, Burns admitted to buying the drugs from Scott, Court documents added that Burns said he was supposed to deliver the meth to St. Paul and Bloomington locations, then bring $500 and Percoset to “the bank” on the east side of St. Paul. He also admitted making past deliveries.

A search of Scott’s home revealed other baggies with the emblems as well as drug paraphernalia in the bedroom Scott and his girlfriend shared with their child.
Scott must also pay a $3,000 fine with $2,900 stayed.

Inmate extends sentence

A Minnesota Corrections Facility-Oak Park Heights inmate had another year and a day added to his current sentence after a fourth-degree assault against a corrections officer.

The inmate, identified in court documents as Michael Williams, did not have his cell door properly locked. Upon discovering this a corrections officer went to close it.
Court documents state that as the officer reached the cell Williams walked towards him yelling incoherently. After ignoring an order to return to his cell, Williams threw two punches at the officer, striking him on the left side of his face. In an attempt to move away from Williams, the officer tripped and fell on some stairs hitting his knees.

The officer was treated for contusions to his knees and face and released from Lakeview Hospital.

Woman face charges of alleged drug possession

A Stillwater woman faces fifth-degree drug possession charges after an Oct. 20, 2012, incident at her residence.

The woman, identified in court documents as Celeste Hogetvedt, lived on the 1100 block of Curve Crest Boulevard. Court documents indicate that Stillwater Police officers received information about possible drug sales allegedly taking place at Hogetvedt’s home.

Court documents said when officers tried serving a search warrant at the residence, the door was not opened until officers threatened to kick it down. Officers entered the home after the door was opened and observed a woman identified as Erica Hendricks-Metcalf come out of the bathroom and heard the toilet flush. An officer looked in the toilet and allegedly observed a .03 gram bindle in the toilet with a substance in it that later allegedly tested positive for meth.

During the rest of the search, officers located two alleged tablets of Adderal in a purse. Officers also found another baggie at .02 grams that allegedly tested positive in a bedroom that belonged to Hogetvedt.

Warrant out for woman

Local law enforcement agencies are searching for a Bayport woman facing felony fifth-degree drug possession charges.

Court documents state that On Dec. 13, 2012, a woman called Bayport Police regarding her adult daughter, identified in court documents as Shannon Beberg. The mother told officers her daughter, who was staying at her mother’s residence with her seven-year-old son, was allegedly using meth in her home. She added that she had been allowing her daughter and grandson to stay at her home in her bedroom while she slept on her couch.

Court documents indicate that the mother searched her daughter’s room and found two plastic baggies in Beberg’s purse that tested positive for meth. Also found in the purse were a number of Beberg’s personal items including mail, clothing and toiletry items along with Beberg’s son’s toothbrush.

The mother told officers she would not allow her daughter to return to the residence. Beberg’s current whereabouts are unknown and she has no permanent address. A warrant is currently out for Beberg.

 Compiled by Avery Cropp, [email protected]