Boys swimming and diving: Ponies fall short against Mounds View


Alex Percival competes for Stillwater during Thursday’s Suburban East Conference dual meet against Mounds View at Chippewa Middle School in Arden Hills. (Contributed photo by Donald Gibb)
Alex Percival competes for Stillwater during Thursday’s Suburban East Conference dual meet against Mounds View at Chippewa Middle School in Arden Hills. (Contributed photo by Donald Gibb)

ARDEN HILLS — Mounds View played to its strength on Thursday while knocking off Stillwater 53-49 in a Suburban East Conference boys’ swimming and diving dual meet at Chippewa Middle School.

The loss leaves the Ponies (6-3 SEC, 6-3) fourth in the final conference standings behind East Ridge (9-0), Hastings (8-1) and the Mustangs (7-2). Stillwater’s three dual meet losses this season is its highest total since 1999, but the Ponies offset that while showing off their depth in a third-place finish at the True Team state meet on Jan. 26 — matching the team’s best-ever finish in that popular event. None of those three teams defeating Stillwater in dual meets advanced to True Team state.

The Mustangs finished first in 10 of 12 events on Thursday and the four-lane scoring at their pool is enough to overcome Stillwater’s depth.

“We had to win some events,” Ponies coach Brian Luke said. “In that four-lane scoring system you have zero depth benefit, which is our strength, and we only won two events. The fact that we were still in it at the end was almost unbelievable with that scoring system.”

The Ponies still had a chance going into the final event, but Mounds View finished first in the 400 freestyle relay to seal the victory.

“Those were our fastest guys,” Luke said. “They just scored more points than we did.”

Stillwater swept the top two places in diving and the 500 freestyle for its only first-place finishes. Colin Eason (200.00) and Liam Gibb (193.85) finished 1-2 in diving while Dominic Jankowski (5:08.24) and Brennan Rosell (5:10.40) held down the top two spots in the 500 free.

“I wouldn’t say we burned the place up, but even burning the place up might not have changed much,” Luke said. “It’s a strong conference and those three schools (ahead of the Ponies) will do really well at the Minnesota State High School League meet.”

l Stillwater easily outidstanced the Mustangs 70-31 in the JV competition on Thursday.

l The Ponies are slated to host the JV conference meet on Feb. 16 and then host the Section 4AA competition on Feb. 21-23.


Mounds View 53, Stillwater 49

200 medley relay — 1. Mounds View, 1:42.79; 2. Stillwater (Marcus Green, Riley Hollerbach, Brady Anderson and Alex Burback) 1:44.46; 3. Stillwater (Jon Busse, Isaac Swanlund, Max Larson and Lucas Magilke) 1:48.34.

200 freestyle — 1. Andrew Schlais (MV) 1:50.53; 2. Jesse Busse (St) 1:57.89; 3. Alex Percival (St) 1:58.52.

200 individual medley — 1. Sasha Safanov (MV) 2:04.98; 2. Brady Anderson (St) 2:05.76; 4. Max Larson (St) 2:07.59.

50 freestyle — 1. Noah Lucas (MV) 21.85; 2. Tom Windett (St) 23.16; 4. Marcus Green (St) 23.72.

Diving — 1. Colin Eason (St) 200.00; 2. Liam Gibb (St) 193.85.

100 butterfly — 1. Noah Lucas (MV) 51.98; 2. Max Larson (St) 58.00; 3. Alex Percival (St) 58.52.

100 freestyle — 1. Andrew Schlais (MV) 49.44; 3. Tom Windett (St) 50.47; 4. Jesse Busse (St) 52.44.

500 freestyle — 1. Dominic Jankowski (St) 5:08.24; 2. Brennan Rosell (St) 5:10.40.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Mounds View, 1:30.87; 2. Stillwater (Isaac Swanlund, Lucas Magilke, Alex Burback and Tom Windett) 1:33.38; 3. Stillwater (Jon Busse, Jesse Busse, Riley Hollerbach and Alex Percival) 1:35.80.

100 backstroke — 1. Alec Martini (MV) 56.27; 2. Marcus Green (St) 56.73; 3. Brady Anderson (St) 57.51.

100 breastroke — 1. Andrew Wang (MV) 1:04.48; 2. Riley Hollerbach (St) 1:07.51; 3. Lucas Magilke (St) 1:10.07.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Mounds View, 3:22.44; 2. Stillwater (Jesse Busse, Brady Anderson, Jon Busse and Tom Windett) 3:23.99; 3. Stillwater (Isaac Swanlund, Alex Burback, Alex Percival and Max Larson) 3:30.17.