Use God’s guidance to forge ahead


I can’t have cabin fever already. It doesn’t seem possible. But I suppose that it’s true. I’ve been shoveling snow every morning the last few days and I hear another large snowstorm looms in the near future. I cannot wait for spring to be here. Then things will be fine.

How often have we said that very thing about our lives? If only thus and so would have happened, then life would be just fine. If only I had received that promotion, gotten that job, married that person, not married that person, not moved from that house, if only these things hadn’t happened, then life would have turned out grand.

But that isn’t how life works, is it? We are not really supposed to sit on the sidelines and wonder why. We are called to get into the game. We are invited to participate actively in what we hope to change about our lives. So what does God have to say about our participation? What can God do to help move us from the cabin fever days we experience and spring into action?

Let’s take two simple things and consider how we might use them in our daily walk. The first to make sure we are communicating with God to understand His direction. There isn’t anything worse for us to do than wander while we wonder.

Focus on God in order to discern His direction. That might mean reading His road map (the Bible) to learn what is ahead. It might mean connecting with a study group to hear what others have done. It might mean going to a worship service to connect with His Word. Whatever path you choose, select one that gets you in touch with God’s guidance.

The second thing is celebrate your gifts by helping others. Whenever I’m feeling out of touch or disconnected with others and in danger of entering into the cabin fever mode, helping others is the prescription that pulls me out of the doldrums. There is something very therapeutic in helping others. It makes a difference in your stride, in the spring in your step.

So, we have a choice. We can look outside, see our shadow and go inside for another six weeks of winter. Or we can forge ahead with the power of God’s Word guiding us, helping us to be more alive than ever.
You choose — what will it be?

The Rev. Dr. Daren Flinck is pastor of St. Croix United Methodist Church in Lakeland.