New Mahtomedi group wants to capture ideas

TEDx Mahtomedi starts search for speakers

MAHTOMEDI–There’s a new group in town that wants to capture ideas.

The group called TEDxMahtomedi is part of a larger group called TED that focuses on bringing knowledgeable speakers on a variety of subjects to communities across the country.

“What really sprung the idea was the city of Mahtomedi’s annual survey this year that showed for the first time ever that residents did not have the school district listed as a main reason to be in Mahtomedi,” TEDxMahtomedi Organizer Bill Coleman said. “We have a changing population and there are a lot of empty nesters in Mahtomedi right now, so we thought it would be a good way to figure out how to advance to the future.”

The TEDxMahtomedi event occurs on April 13, but right now the group seeks presentation proposals. The group has teamed with city officials, the school district and Century College to help organize the event.

“All ideas are welcome and we’re very interested in getting people together,” Coleman said.

Presentations can be on any topic that falls under a what-if theme to generate ideas for the future of the city. Coleman said presentations are only 3 to 18 minutes long and the organizers’ goal is picking seven presentations and mix-in music and entertainment for what is expected to be a two-and-a-half hour event.

“While we don’t anticipate it to be around as a permanent group, we’re hoping when we involve elected officials, legion members, Lions Club members, and school districts and they hear these ideas for the future we hope they can take them and run with them going forward,” Coleman said.

Coleman added that at the event there will be lots of time for networking and letting the ideas bounce around the room.
This is the first time a TEDx event will be introduced in Mahtomedi and Coleman hopes it will be a good experience and a great day of interesting lively speakers and community discussion.

Proposals of presentations are accepted through Feb. 15. Presentations must center around the idea of how to make Mahtomedi better and how to adjust to the changing demographics of the area.

“We do have a lot of good speakers in the community,” Coleman said. “We hope to expose the talents and local genius in the community.”

For more information about TEDxMahtomedi follow them on Facebook (tedxmahtomedi) and twitter @TEDxMahtomedi. For information on proposing a talk check out