Man charged after shooting incident

A Stillwater man identified in court documents as Lee Thompson faces charges of intentional discharge of fire arm that endangers safety, carrying a pistol without permit in a public place, and transporting a firearm in a motor vehicle unloaded, uncased and in a prohibited area after Thompson alleged fired shots at a rural Washington County home earlier this month.

According to court documents, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies responded Jan. 20 to reports that occupants of a vehicle fired a gun in the direction of a Stillwater Township home. The informant said he observed a vehicle traveling at 50 mph north on Myeron Road and claimed that someone in the vehicle fired six to seven shots.

Court documents state that as deputies spoke with neighbors, they heard two gunshots five to 10 seconds apart and the shots sounded as though they were coming toward them. Officers followed and initiated a traffic stop with the help of the Stillwater Police Department.

The vehicle driver, identified in court documents as Craig Cummings and the passenger, identified in court documents as Thompson were pulled over.

Court documents state that a search of the men’s vehicle allegedly revealed an uncased .40 Glock handgun in the glove compartment. The pair were read their Miranda rights and although Thompson allegedly declined to speak, Cummings allegedly told deputies that he was driving the vehicle and Thompson was firing the handgun out the passenger window.
Cummings allegedly told deputies that the action was “stupid, redneck stuff”  and added that Thompson was shooting at street signs. Court documents indicate that Thompson does not have a gun permit.
Laptop theft charges

A Blaine man faces felony theft charges after an alleged theft of two laptop computers from the Oak Park Heights Walmart Supercenter.

Walmart asset protection employees notified the Oak Park Heights Police Department of the Sept. 1 theft.
A man identified in court documents as Matthew Mills and a unidentified woman were allegedly caught on store security cameras stealing the laptops. Security video allegedly shows Mills walking to the laptop area and looking at several laptops tethered to shelf. The video then shows Mills allegedly walking to the hardware department, grabbing a tool, returning to the computers and then cutting the two laptops from the shelf and placing them under a couple of sweatshirts.

The video then shows Mills meeting the female in the housewares department, allegedly grabbing a comforter and placing the laptops in the comforter bag and hiding them inside the bedding. The pair then check out and leave the store after allegedly not reporting the laptops to the cashier. The computers were valued at $1,246.

Three-year probation
for marijuana possession

A stillwater man was sentenced to three years probation after 161.87 grams of marijuana was found in his apartment in early July.

Stillwater Police Department officers and members of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office narcotics division deputies were told that marijuana could be found in the master bedroom of an apartment unit in the 12000 block of Brewers Lane.

As officers executed a search warrant, the resident, identified in court documents as Jacob Baker, arrived and confirmed that marijuana in several clear containers in the apartment bedroom was his. Officers found three containers with marijuana, three vacuum jars with marijuana residue and three baggies with marijuana in them.

Also found at the scene were notes regarding drug sales, a digital scale, a vacuum jar and a regular jar with marijuana in it, a marijuana vaporizer and packaging material. Officers also found $200 and drug paraphernalia.