Man arrested for allegedly shoplifting, huffing dusting aid

A Stillwater man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of shoplifting an aerosal product from the Market Drive Target.

The man, identified in police reports as Joshua Ray, had allegedly taken two cans of Endust aerosol spray valued at $9.98. Ray also had items in a bag which were later confirmed to be purchased by Ray.

The report said a Target loss prevention officer told responding officers that Ray is allegedly a repeat shoplifter. The report states that the loss prevention officer followed Ray in the store and observed Ray open and allegedly huff out of one canister of Endust and put it in his jacket. Ray paid for other merchandise and left the store without paying for the Endust.

The loss prevention officer told police officers that Ray had allegedly shoplifted at the store a total of 21 times, with items taken in those thefts totaling almost $132.

Ray was arrested, taken to the Washington County Jail and released. The case was forwarded to the Stillwater City Attorney’s office and the store’s loss prevention office is inquiring if Ray can be charged in connection with previous suspected shoplifting incidents.

Unruly juveniles cited

Three teenagers learned recently that insulting a police officer can result in more than a stern lecture.

Two 14-year-old boys and a 13-year old boy face several charges after they allegedly yelled profanities at a Stillwater Police officer who was taking down a hit-and-run report Jan. 24 near Third Street South.

When the officer finished the report, he noticed shadows of three people in a home. He telephoned the homeowner, the mother of one of the teens, and was told that her son was in the house with his two friends. The juveniles soon left the house and when the officer asked them to stop, one of the 14-year-olds allegedly kept walking.

A second officer detained the third juvenile who was cited with a misdemeanor for fleeing police and disordeBrly conduct. The other 14-year-old was cited with disorderly conduct and tobacco possession while the 13-year old was cited with disorderly conduct. The three teenagers were released to their parents.