Pogge gets new position

City’s planner is new Swift County administrator

stillwater            After nearly seven years of service to the city of Stillwater, City Planner Mike Pogge will travel west to a new position as the Swift County administrator.

“I’m pretty excited but I’m going to miss Stillwater. It was a hard decision from that perspective, but with how well everything is going with Stillwater, I think the timing makes sense for me right now,” Pogge said.

Pogge’s new position will use a lot of his skill set. He’ll do a lot of work with the board, do strategic planning for the county, implement the board policies, help out departments, manage HR issues and do long-term planning as needed. He’ll also take on other tasks as well.

“It’s a great opportunity for him,” said city Community Development Director Bill Turnblad. “It’s something he’s been working towards for awhile and I’m very happy for him.”

Pogge says his Stillwater job has prepared him for his next adventure and he’s ready to take on the challenges that will come with his new position. Swift County Board Chair Gary Hendrickx agrees.

“I think when Mike interviewed, we felt that people would take to him. He’d listen to you, he wouldn’t overreact but he would identify the problems, think them over and work with people to come up with a plan and a process to move forward,” Hendrickx said. “He seemed like a very genuine person who could take it all in stride, and I think that’s what the board was looking for through the process.”

Pogge is ready to get started.

“This opportunity is a new challenge and I’m looking forward to moving into a new area, get my feet wet and take up the challenges as they come when I get there.”

Pogge added that he’ll miss the Stillwater community.

“I’m going to miss the people, it’s just such a great community and I’m really going to miss that,” He said.

When asked if the city will miss Pogge as well, Turnblad didn’t hesitate:

“Absolutely. He has a skill set that’s going to be hard to replace but we’ll find someone, and he’ll (Mike) do a great job at his new position.”

Pogge’s last day with the city is Feb. 6.

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