Man ignores grandmother, allegedly steals her car

Not listening to his grandmother has a 23-year-old Stillwater man facing motor vehicle theft charges. 

Court documents said Darrin Wolf allegedly stole a car his grandmother recently purchased for him. Court documents added that Wolf’s grandmother knew Wolf did not have a valid driver’s license and kept both sets of keys to the car and told Wolf he could not have the vehicle until he got a valid license.

Court documents said Wolf allegedly visited his grandmother’s house Jan. 9, grabbed the car keys from her hand and left in the vehicle. Wolf’s grandmother, who was the registered owner of the vehicle, contacted Stillwater Police officers and signed a stolen vehicle report, court documents added.

Wolf was arrested Jan. 11 in Forest Lake while trying to have the tires on the vehicle replaced.

Man faces assault charges

A Lakeland man faces domestic assault charges after allegedly attacking his girlfriend’s 22-year-old daughter.

The man, identified in court documents as Mark Platzer, owns a business in the 300 block of St. Croix Trail North and lives in a residence attached to the business with his girlfriend and the girlfriend’s daughter.

Court documents said Platzer and the 22-year-old woman allegedly got into an argument on Jan. 9 about the business and an issue with a customer. The woman left the residence and sat in a plastic chair to smoke a cigarette.

Court documents said Platzer allegedly followed her outside and continued the argument. Platzer then allegedly grabbed the woman by the throat with squeezed until she couldn’t breathe, court documents added.

Documents said the woman struggled with Platzer and slapped him in the face. When officers arrived, they noticed redness and scratches around the woman’s neck and injuries on Platzer’s face, according to documents. Platzer allegedly admitted to officers he grabbed the woman by the throat and that force could have broken the chair she was sitting in.


Marine couple face charges

A drug investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s office resulted in drug charges against a Marine on Saint Croix couple identified as Amber Smith and Stephan Krongard in court documents,

Court documents said a WCSO confidential informant made alleged methamphetamine purchases Jan. 3 and Jan. 17 from Smith and Krongard at Krongard’s residence in the 14000 Block of 202nd Street North in Marine.

According to court documents, the informant allegedly purchased 3.5 grams and 9.1 grams of methamphetamine from the couple. Court documents indicate that the informant allegedly handed the money to Smith, who then gave it to Krongard both times.

A search warrant was obtained for the residence and officers watching the home allegedly identified Smith as leaving the home and conducted a traffic stop. Exactly 2.2 grams of meth was found on Smith during the search. Smith faces first-degree drug charges for a sale of 10 grams or more of meth within 90 days.


Ex-nurse’s boyfriend charged

A Stillwater man identified in court documents as Michael Kimmel faces fifth-degree drug possession charges after a police search of the home he shares with his girlfriend found methadone pills.

Court documents said the search of the home resulted after Kimmel’s girlfriend resigned from her nurse’s job at Lakeview Hospital after allegations arose of her stealing and tampering with medications.

The search of the home the couple share found three white circular pills identified as methadone, according to court documents. Kimmel allegedly admitted to officers that the pills were his and he didn’t have a valid prescription for them, documents added.

Officers also recovered five medical needles and five sodium chloride syringes from a purse allegedly identified as belonging to Kimmel’s girlfriend.