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Andy Weaver holds the new Gyrfalcon
Jackie Fallon holds her gyrfalcon





The Stillwater Area High School Peregrine Falcon Propagation program received it’s newest addition this week. A 14-year-old female white gyrfalcon, owned by Jackie Fallon, was brought to the high school on Monday. Andy Weaver, who runs the program, introduced the new addition to a male half-peregrine, half-gyrfalcon bird currently at the school. Both Fallon and Weaver said the introduction went well, and if the matchmaking works, eggs could be laid in April and chicks hatch in May. The pair have mated before at a different breeding facility and laid two eggs, although the chicks did not survive. It’s suspected that the female gyrfalcon ate the chicks, which Weaver said is not uncommon for first-time breeding falcon parents. The cameras in the falcon’s area will allow students and researchers alike to learn more about the bird’s mating styles. The other technology at the school lab also allows Weaver to hatch and raise the young once eggs arrive. (Gazette staff photos by Avery Cropp)