Alpine skiing: Ponies dominate field at Welch Invite


WELCH — The Stillwater boys’ and girls’ alpine ski teams enjoyed a stellar day with first- and second-place finishes across the board at Friday’s Welch Invitational.

“It was a great day for the athletes,” Ponies coach Mary Paracheta said. “The weather was perfect, no school for the kids and finals were over with so they had a great time bringing home all kids of hardware. What a fun day for teh kids.”

Competing on separate courses, Stillwater entered two four-person teams in the boys’ competition and the same number for the girls — and neither team finished lower than second in the 17-team field.

The team of Will Raedeke, who was competing for the first time in more than a month because of injury, Matt Ludack, Nick Skaret and Zach Raven dominated the competition on the Bakke course while placing second, fourth, fifth and sixth in the indivdual standings. Raedeke finished just .06 out of first place.

“Not bad for not havingt skied with us since his surgery,” Parcheta said.

Steig Peterson finished second overall to help the Ponies to a runner-up finish on the Look-Out course. Jake Allison added a fifth-place showing for the Ponies.

The Stillwater girls finished first on Bakke led by Natalie Gjermo and Story Schwantes in sixth and seventh place and Belen Mora in 10th. Maddie Neubauer followed in 18th for the Ponies.

On teh Look-Out course, Stillwater finished second after placing four skiers among the top eight, including Ashley Ludack (3rd), Rachel Amos (4th), Sydney Evensen (6th) and Kennedy O’Reilly (8th).

“It was really exciting to see them competing against one another,” Parcheta said. “It was great, and the meet was run well with no glitches at all.”


Boys team standings

Squad 1 (top 5)

1. LLR 287; 2. Stillwater 280; 3. ERH 258; 4. EAE 247; 5. STP 247.

Stillwater results

2. Steig Peterson 33.09-34.04—1:07.13; 5. Jake Allison 34.64-35.69—1:10.33; 16. Sam Skaret 35.52-39.13—1:14.65; 21. Cory Carlesen 36.51-39.04—1:15.55.

Squad 2

1. Stillwater 292; 2. ORO 280; 3. LLR 269; 4. PAR 263; 5. EAE 260.

Stillwater results

2. Will Raedeke 27.79-29.38—57.17; 4. Matt Ludack 27.96-30.30—58.26; 5. Nick Skaret 28.32-30.40—58.72; 6. Zach Raven 28.67-30.20—58.87.


Girls team standings

Squad 1 (top 5)

1. Stillwater 280; 2. LLR 255; 3. NOR 255; 4. MAH 250; 5. HAS 248.

Stillwater results

6. Natalie Gjermo 37.50-37.84—1:15.34; 8. Story Schwantes 38.04-38.47—1:16.51; 10. Mora Belen 39.34-38.78—1:18.12; 18. Maddie Neubauer 41.34-42.08—1:23.42.

Squad 2

1. ERH 295; 2. Stillwater 290; 3. EAE 276; 4. HAS 250; 5. MAH 249.

Stillwater results

3. Ashley Ludack 31.95-32.47—1:04.42; 4. Rachel Amos 31.69-33.17—1:04.86; 6. Sydney Evensen 32.61-33.08—1:05.69; 8. Kennedy O’Reilly 33.17-33.02—1:06.19.