Public hearings, ordinance readings on tonight’s council agenda

 Two public hearings are on the Stillwater City Council’s docket tonight.

The first hearing concerns a preliminary and final plat approval for a site located near the Lowell Inn. Mark Balay of the Lowell Inn seeks preliminary and final plat approval for the SPGLI plat at 200, and 102 North Second Street and 110 Myrtle Street East.

The replatting is being considered to simplify property owner issues and fix title and encroachment issues. The new plat would be near the parking ramp.

The second public hearing is simply a word change for an amendment regarding a special use permit. The amendment maintains the authority of the Planning Commission but refers special use permit reviews to the council in cases of accountability and allows the Planning Commission to refer a conditional or special use permit to the council.

Other items on the council agenda include a second reading for an ordinance related to background checks for city employees and possible approval of the administrative citations fine schedule for services/publications. Most fees remain the same this year.