Pact has WCSO patrolling city

Agreement with U of M on 4-H programs, staff on board agenda

WashCo_logoThe Washington County Sheriff’s Office would assume law enforcement duties in the small mobile home community of Landfall under an agreement before the Washington County Board of Commissioners Tuesday.

Landfall would pay the county almost $117,000 in direct costs and expenses for one full-time deputy, according to a memo to the board from Sheriff Bill Hutton. Costs and expenses include salaries, employer’s public employee retirement contributions, worker’s compensation premiums and vacation pay of county employees providing law enforcement services to Landfall, according to the memo.

The agreement would be effective March 1 and run three years, Hutton added.

If commissioners approve the agreement, WCSO deputies would assume law enforcement duties in the small community on the shore of Tanner’s Lake just off Interstate 94 after Landfall officials late last year ended the city’s law enforcement agreement with the Maplewood Police Department.

The WCSO would be the second county agency involved in Landfall. The county Housing and Redevelopment Authority has handled the city’s administrative duties since last fall.

Among other issues commissioners will address Tuesday are:

Consideration of an agreement with the University of Minnesota Extension Service for county 4-H programs and staffing this year.

The county and university have an annual agreement outlining the relationship between the two for 4-H funding, staffing and in-kind services. The new agreement includes a 1.75 full-time 4-H program coordinator for community youth development and Youth Teaching Youth school-based programs. The program coordinators are university employees, but located out of the county Department of Public Health and Environment.

Total cost of the services is slightly more than $114,700. The County Board contributes $50,000 to that total, with the remaining funds from 4-H fhundraisers and external grants and gifts.

Consider a resolution accepting public and private donations made to the county in the fourth quarter to 2012. County policy allows department heads to accept donations to the county up to $1,000 and report those gifts to the board each quarter, according to Stephanie Kammerud, administrative assistant.

Total contributions to the county in the last quarter of 2012 totalled $7,000, with $800 in cash donations, Kammerud said.

Other items commissioners will consider include reviewing a city of Woodbury request for Land and Water Legacy Funds and a request from Oakdale city officials to support legislation allowing additional time for certain tax increment financing districts.

The County Board meets at 9 a.m. in the fifth-floor boardroom at the Stillwater Government Center.