Alpine skiing: Stillwater places fourth at Buck Hill Invite

BLOOMINGTON — The Stillwater alpine ski team placed fourth in the overall team standings at Friday’s 23-team Buck Hill Invitational, which included many of the top programs in the state.

The Stillwater boys’ placed third with a combined (scoring four skiers) time of 300.49, trailing only Edina (291.09) and Eastview/Eagan (296.27). It was a balanced effort for the Ponies, who would have moved up even more if the scoring format accounted for more depth.

Westin Anderson finished 15th with a time of 47.4 and Sam Skaret was next in 29th place with a time of 49.41. Corey Carlsen was next for the Ponies in 38th (50.37) and Matt Ludack placed 42nd in a time of 50.88. Zach Raven (46th, 51.13) and Nick Skaret (48th, 51.3) finished within a half second of Ludack.

Eastview/Eagan’s Tommy Anderson captured the individual title with a winning time of 44.19.

Natalie Gjermo set the pace for the Stillwater girls, who posted a time of 322.61 to place seventh in the team standings. Minnetonka held off Lakeville North 302.97-317.9 for the victory. Gjermo finished 14th with a time of 49.71 and Belen Mora followed in 30th place with a time of 51.62. Maddie Neubauer (54.64) and Sydney Evensen (54.93) followed in 51st and 53rd to complete the scoring for the Ponies.

Isabelle Iwen of Bloomington Jefferson posted the fastest overall time at 46.74.

“It was a rainy, misty day, but the kids did well in difficult skiing conditions,” Ponies coach Mary Parcheta said. “The course was hard to maintain, but (Buck Hill) did a good job with slipping, etc.”

n Also on Friday, the Stillwater JV team defended its overall title at this popular event. The Stillwater girls, led by Claire Weber, Cindy Prentice, Maggie Raedeke and Emily Donner, swept the top four places to easily outdistance runner-up Eden Prairie 203.33-227.29 for first place the 23-team field.

The Stillwater boys finished third (201.35) behind solid performances by Tor Anderson, Kyle Szczepanski, Trevor Witt and Joe Weber. Stillwater finished seventh in the total team standings (combining JV and varsity results) with a time of 2873.25.


Overall team standings (top 5)

1. Minnetonka 605.1; 2. Edina 614.59; 3. Eastview/Eagan 615.71; 4. Stillwater 623.1; 5. Orono 640.84.

Boys team standings (top 5)

1. Edina 291.09; 2. Eastview/Eagan 296.27; 3. Stillwater 300.49; 4. Minnetonka 302.13; 5. Orono 308.95.

Top 5

1. Tommy Anderson (Eastview/Eagan) 44.19; 2. Bjorn Halverson (Eden Prairie) 44.33; 3. Woody Hust (Orono) 44.57; 4. Morgan Shields (Minneapolis Southwest) 44.63; 5. Coleman Foley (Edina) 45.17.

Stillwater results

15. Westin Anderson 24.11-23.29—47.4; 29. Sam Skaret 25.52-23.89—49.41; 38. Corey Carlsen 26.09-24.28—50.37; 42. Matt Ludack 25.82-25.06—50.88; 46. Zach Raven 26.62-25.51—51.13; 48. Nick Skaret 26.14-25.16—51.3; 167. Leighton Thron 1:00.99-26.72—1:27.71.

Girls team standings (top 5)

1. Minnetonka 302.97; 2. Lakeville North 317.9; 3. Eastview/Eagan 319.44; 4. Bloomington Jefferson 319.62; 5. Minneapolis Southwest 320.42; 7. Stillwater 322.61.

Top 5

1. Isabelle Iwen (Bloomington Jefferson) 46.74; 2. Juliana Damberg (Mounds View) 47.34; 3. Annalise Iwen (Bloomington Jefferson) 47.36; 4. Emily Nash (Mounds View) 47.45; 5. Briar Smith (Lakeville North) 47.65.

Stillwater results

14. Natalie Gjermo 25.56-24.15—49.71; 30. Belen Mora 27.33-24.29—51.62; 51. Maddie Neubauer 27.84-26.8—54.64; 53. Sydney Evensen 28.12-26.81—54.93; 71. Kennedy O’Reilly 28.45-28.15—56.6; 154. Story Schwantes 24.86-1:27.08—1:51.94; 155. Rachel Amos 26.71-399.0—425.71.