Charges filed in drug overdose death

An Oakdale woman faces third-degree murder charges related to the August methadone overdose death of a man.
The woman, identified in court reports as 21-year-old Emily Katherine Frye, allegedly sold methadone pills to the victim, identified by the Washington County Attorney’s office as Frank Eck.
Court documents indicate that on Aug. 1, Washington County Sheriff deputies were called to a home after Eck was reported unconcious and not breathing. Eck was declared dead due to an overdose.
While with a friend in White Bear Lake on July 29, court documents said Eck became ill and asked to be driven to his parents’ home in Scandia. The friend agreed and told deputies that Eck was acting erratically and admitted to taking too many pills.
Court documents said a search of the car Eck used to meet his friend in White Bear Lake revealed a pill crusher, rolled up $20 bill and a razor blade with white residue that later tested positive for methadone.
Court documents added that a search of Eck’s cell phone allegedly led deputies to Frye, who Eck had allegedly texted on July 29 and agreed to buy 12 pills at $5 each.
Allegedly, Frye and Eck agreed to meet in the Oakdale McDonald’s parking lot. Court documents state that Frye allegedly texted Eck around 11 p.m. letting him know when she was two miles away from Minnesota Highway 5. Eck asked if Frye had more pills to sell and agreed to buy 11 more pills for $4 each at 11:35 p.m.
Court documents indicate at around 11:45 p.m. Frye allegedly texted Eck saying, “I wouldn’t take anymore,” and that he would be “peaking” in an hour. Surveillance video allegedly cofirmed Eck’s vehicle arriving at the same time of the text.
Court documents indicate that upon her arrest, Frye said she did not know Eck. A search of her phone revealed she had allegedly Google searched “frank+eck+overdose” a day after Eck died and then allegedly texted a contact to see if he could find out information for her about an overdose death. The contact allegedly wrote back to her Eck’s name, age, residence in St. Cloud and that he was in the Army.
Court documents state that two other people deputies spoke with also said that Frye tried to get information from them from the medical examiners office and confirmation that he was dead.
Court documents state that one of the contacts, who admitted to purchasing marijuana from Eck on Aug. 2, was the first to tell her that Eck had died. Court documents state that this person said that Frye allegedly started crying, freaking out and hitting the side of her car with her hand when she heard about Eck’s death.
Court documents show that this person also stated that Frye said “I knew I shouldn’t have sold him those methadone.”

  • Eureka Live

    Isn’t addiction considered a disease in Minnesota? Instead of filing charges, I wish they would help her get treatment. Sounds like she is tortured by his death.