An early birthday gift

Boy first newborn of year at Lakeview Hospital

ParkerBuschette_023SOMERSET, Wis. — Amanda Luke couldn’t have asked for a better early birthday present.
Her first-born son, Parker Gene Buschette, was born to Luke and her boyfriend, Dustin Buschette nine days before Luke’s birthday, at 4:16 p.m. Jan. 3, making Parker the first baby born in the new year at Lakeview Hospital.
The happy family arrived at their home on Tuesday and were quickly embraced the role of new parents. Amanda Luke and Dustin Buschette said being at home is much different than being at the hospital now that they’re on their own.
“It’s crazy, but last night was quite fun,” Buschette said. “We were up most of the night but we managed to get him to sleep pretty good this morning from two to six and then from six to now. It’s been crazy and we’re dealing with some rough seas but we’re so excited that he’s here.”
Despite a sleepless night, the couple remain overjoyed with the arrival of their new 8-pound, 11-ounce, 21-inch-long bundle of joy.
“It feels amazing,” said Luke about being a new mother. “It’s going pretty good, the dogs seem okay with him, they love him already. And mom and dad made it through the first night so it’s going well.”
Baby Buschette arrived about a week early. His due date was Jan. 10, two days before Luke’s birthday.
“He was a great early birthday present,” Buschette said.
Luke said she dealt with steady contractions for about a day before her water broke.
“It was game on from there, they (contractions) moved to about two to three minutes apart and we knew it was time to go,” she said.
“It’s so overwhelming, I’m completely lost for words.” Buschette said about being a new dad. “(Getting to the hospital) was quite an ordeal. We took a late night trip to the hospital and it took a bit of time. we had to stop for a couple of contractions along the way, but she did just great.”
Luke said that Buschette handled getting to the hospital wonderfully.
“He was so calm, and there was no speeding to the hospital or anything like that,” Luke said.
Parker Buschette was also welcomed into the world by his grandparents, Mike and Lisa Buschette, and Gregory Hause and Mary Kaski.
As the couple adjusts to their new family life things are starting to fall into place. Buschette said they’re working on building their new home while Luke’s immediate plan is to enjoy the time with her new baby boy and get him into a routine before she heads back to work.