Swearing-in, CVB annual report on docket for council

stillwater            New Stillwater City Council members Ted Kozlowski and Tom Weidner will be sworn in as the council meets for the first time in 2013 at 7 p.m. today.

Tiki Oswald will present the CVB annual report. Council members will discuss a concept plan by the Garleys who currently own land where the new access point on CSAH 12 for the armory will have to go.

Also on the agenda is discussion about a strip of privately owned land on the St. Croix River currently being offered for sale for open space use by the landowner. Although many agencies agree the land is worth protecting, none wants to commit to owning and managing the property. The purpose of this agenda item is to have a conversation about the land with the Washington County Board of Commissioners.

A vice-mayor will also be designated at the meeting.