Driver hits, takes victim to hosptial, then flees

washco sheriff badgeCharges are pending in connection with a New Year’s Day accident involving a the driver of a car that struck a pedestrian, and then drove the victim to a local hospital before fleeing.

Around 3 p.m. Tuesday, a Stillwater Police report said a Lake Elmo woman was hit by a car and brought to Lakeview Hospital by the driver of the car that struck her. Police reports added that the victim had cuts on her scalp and contusions indicating she was thrown after she was struck by the vehicle.

A Washington County Sheriff Office official said the driver of the vehicle that struck the victim is from West Lakeland. The report added that the driver allegedly appeared to be intoxicated and drove off from the hospital after bringing the victim into the emergency room.

Police reports said although the license plate and make of the car were unknown at the time of the accident, the suspect’s vehicle was allegedly caught on the hospital’s surveillance camera.

The suspect has since been arrested and the case has been forwarded to the Washington County Attorney’s Office for charges.