Lakeland driver’s trip results in DWI charges

A Lakeland man with prior impaired driving incidents and an active warrant on another charge faces more charges after he was caught driving on a suspended license.

The man, identified in court documents as Christopher Dedrickson, is reported to have three prior impaired driving incidents within 10 years and had an active warrant out of Washington County for a pending DWI charge.

Court documents said a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy familiar with Dedrickson drove to Dedrickson’s current address and conducted surveillance on Dedrickson’s green Ford Taurus.

Court documents said the deputy watched Dedrickson leave the residence and get in the driver’s seat of the Taurus. Court documents added that the deputy confirmed Dedrickson’s license was cancelled and pulled him pulled him over.

Court documents said Dedrickson allegedly admitted knowing about the warrant and the deputy noticed Dedrickson allegedly smelled strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot, watery eyes and was tracking slowly when answering questions.

Court documents state that a PBT test returned a result of .179. Dedrickson was arrested and further tests returned a .16 BAC.

Court documents added that the license plates on Dedrickson’s car were allegedly stolen from another vehicle, Dedrickson was allegedly driving without a court-ordered ignition interlock device and that he allegedly had no insurance on the vehicle.


Anger with friend leads to charges

A Stillwater man faces property damage charges after allegedly breaking windows and a fire extinguisher cover at an Oak Park Heights apartment.

Court documents said Oak Park Heights Police officers were responded Oct. 13 to a reported break-in in progress at a local apartment.

Court documents said a caller in a lower level unit reported hearing breaking glass in the unit directly above her apartment. The caller said the man, identified as Daniel Johnson in court documents, was dressed in black and had black hair. Officers observed broken glass from a window between the second and third floor.

Documents said Johnson, who matched the suspect’s description, was allegedly bleeding profusely from cuts on his arm and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol when stopped by officers,.

Johnson allegedly admitted breaking the apartment windows and fire extinguisher glass cover because he became angry with a friend. Court documents indicate that Johnson allegedly had a BAC of .188.

Estimates of the damaged windows and extinguisher cover were $3,384.


Routine registration check leads to drug charges

A Wisconsin man faces charges of fifth-degree possession of drugs after a routine registration check turned up alleged drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Court documents said Washington County Sheriff’s deputies stopped Ryan Madden April 1 for the registration check. During the stop, deputy discovered Madden’s drivers license was suspended and there was an Anoka County warrant for his arrest.

Court documents state that Madden allegedly told deputies he had insurance and that the proof-of-insurance card was in the visor or the glove box. As the deputy searched the glove box for the insurance card, he found two hypodermic needles and a small cooking plate with white residue.

Court documents also state that the deputy found a black computer bag in the back seat that allegedly contained drug paraphernalia and a black pouch containing a green leafy substance, small spoon with burn marks on it and two small plastic bags.

Court documents said one plastic bag allegedly had white residue while the other had 2.97 grams of a white substance that later allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine. A scale also found in the bag tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana.