It’s the same road with a new number

Hilton Trail road number changing to CSAH 29

PINE SPRINGS — In anticipation of road and intersection construction in western Washington County next year, Hilton Trail will receive a new county road number Jan. 1, Washington Public Works officials announced.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will construct a grade-separated interchange at Minnesota Highway 36 and Hilton Trail in 2013. Before that work starts, WPW will make change the county number on the entire length of Hilton Trail from MN 36 to County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 12, Stillwater Road, in Mahtomedi.

Hilton Trail is currently designated as CSAH 36, creating some driver confusion because it intersects with MN 36. The reconfiguration of area roadways as part of the upcoming interchange project has the potential to create more confusion and possible driver mistakes if Hilton Trail remained CSAH 36.

New highway signs will soon be posted re-naming Hilton Trail CSAH 29. In keeping with past practice, CSAH 36 signs will remain up for about one year, with a plaque reading “OLD” mounted above them, to help drivers with the transition to the new highway number.

Initially, only signs on Hilton Trail and CSAH 12 will be modified. All signs in MnDOT rights-of-way will be replaced as part of the 2013 interchange project.

The street name “Hilton Trail,” roadway jurisdiction, functional classification and State Aid status remains unchanged. Maps and records will be updated.