Boys swimming and diving: Ponies prevail at Bengal Invite

Contributed photoThe Stillwater divers, including Liam Gibb, from left, Colin Eason, Anthony Shanley and coach Carrie Madline, delivered a strong showing with a 1-3-6 finish in Saturday’s Bengal Invitational to help the Ponies to a convincing victory in the 14-team event.
Contributed photo
The Stillwater divers, including Liam Gibb, from left, Colin Eason, Anthony Shanley and coach Carrie Madline, delivered a strong showing with a 1-3-6 finish in Saturday’s Bengal Invitational to help the Ponies to a convincing victory in the 14-team event.

COON RAPIDS — Despite notching first-place finishes in just two events, the Stillwater boys’ swimming and diving team easily outdistanced runner-up Anoka 443-319.5 in the 14-team Bengal Invitational on Saturday at Northdale Middle School. Hopkins finished third with 248 points.

It was at least the fourth consecutive year Stillwater (1-0 SEC, 1-0) has won this event.

“They were solid,” Ponies coach Brian Luke  said. “We had a lot of high scores, but not a lot of first places, which I can of anticipated going into the season it might be like that. Most of our guys were scoring pretty good and we didn’t have  a lot of holes.”

Stillwater did receive a first-place finish in diving from senior Liam Gibb, who posted a winning score of 355.10. Teammates Colin Eason (329.45) and Anthony Shanley (279.85) were not far behind in third and sixth place.

Brady Anderson also won the 100 backstroke for the Ponies in a time of 57.07 and Marcus Green followed in second place with a time of 58.61. Alex Percival (1:01.96) added a sixth-place finish to give Stillwater three of the top six.

The Ponies placed second in all three relays, with Green, Riley Hollerbach, Anderson and Alex Burback finishing the 200 medley relay in 1:45.94 to open the meet. Isaac Swanlund, Jesse Busse, Burback and Tom Windett added a runner-up showing in the 200 freestyle relay (1:34.06) while Anderson, Max Larson, Jon Busse and Windett also placed second in the 400 freestyle relay (3:25.71).

In addition to anchoring those relays, Windett placed second in the 100 freestyle (50.92) and fourth in the 200 freestyle (1:52.85), one spot behind third-place teammate Jesse Busse (1:52.53), who also finished sixth in the 100 free at 52.96.

Jon Busse finished fourth in the 500 freestyle with a time of 5:10.91 while teammates Dominic Jankowski (5:10.97) and Brennan Rosell (5:18.26) followed in fifth and seventh to give the Ponies a strong showing in that event.

Stillwater also placed three among the top seven in the 100 butterfly, led by Anderson in third place with a time of 55.84. Max Larson (58.16) and Percival (58.40) finished sixth and seventh.

“I thought Windett, Jesse Busse and the divers did really nice,” Luke said. “They’re coming around.”


Team standings

1. Stillwater 443; 2. Anoka 319.5; 3. Hopkins 248; 4. Forest Lake 195.5; 5. Grand Rapids 193.5; 6. Andover 163; 7. South St. Paul 161; 8. Fridley 139; 9. Blaine 128; 10, tie, Cambridge-Isanti 96 and Irondale 96; 12. Champlin Park 79.5; 13. Coon Rapids 26; 14. Park Center 19.

Individual results

200 medley relay — 1. Hopkins, 1:43.90; 2. Stillwater A (Marcus Green, Riley Hollerbach, Brady Anderson and Alex Burback) 1:45.94; 6. Stillwater B (Max Larson, Lucas Magilke, Alex Percival and Isaac Swanlund) 1:49.85.

200 freestyle — 1. Cole Birklid (An) 1:45.84; 3. Jesse Busse (St) 1:52.53; 4. Tom Windett (St) 1:52.85; 8. Jon Busse (St) 1:55.23;

200 individual medley — 1. Colter Allen (Fr) 1:58.66; 6. Max Larson (St) 2:11.23; 7. Dominic Jankowski (St) 2:11.63; 13. Sam Larson (St) 2:17.09.

50 freestyle — 1. Austin Bongers (Bl) 22.67; 7. Alex Burback (St) 24.07; 8. Isaac Swanlund (St) 24.07; 9. Lucas Magilke (St) 24.12.

Diving — 1. Liam Gibb (St) 355.10; 3. Colin Eason (St) 329.45; 6. Anthony Shanley (St) 279.85.

100 butterfly — 1. Colter Allen (Fr) 52.09; 3. Brady Anderson (St) 55.84; 6. Max Larson (St) 58.16; 7. Alex Percival (St) 58.40.

100 freestyle — 1. Austin Bongers (Bl) 50.51; 2. Tom Windett (St) 50.92; 6. Jesse Busse (St) 52.96; 10. Alex Burback (St) 53.61.

500 freestyle — 1. Cole Birklid (An) 4:49.72; 4. Jon Busse (St) 5:10.91; 5. Dominic Jankowski (St) 5:10.97; 7. Brennan Rosell (St) 5:18.26.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Anoka, 1:33.64; 2. Stillwater A (Isaac Swanlund, Jesse Busse, Alex Burback and Tom Windett) 1:34.06; 5. Stillwater B (Max Larson, Dominic Jankowski, Riley Hollerbach and Brennan Rosell) 1:39.49.

100 backstroke — 1. Brady Anderson (St) 57.07; 2. Marcus Green (St) 58.61; 6. Alex Percival (St) 1:01.96.

100 breastroke — 1. Nick Wilkerson (Hop) 1:01.96; 6. Riley Hollerbach (St) 1:07.96; 10. Isaac Swanlund (St) 1:10.66; 20. Lucas Magilke (St) 1:12.79.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Anoka, 3:24.38; 2. Stillwater A (Brady Anderson, Max Larson, Jon Busse and Tom Windett) 3:25.71; 7. Stillwater B (Dominic Jankowski, Jesse Busse, Brennan Rosell and Alex Percival) 3:35.53.


Ponies finish seventh at Woodbury Invitational

At Woodbury, Stillwater also sent athletes to compete in the Woodbury Invitational on Saturday where the Ponies placed seventh in the varsity meet with 120 points. The host Royals claimed the top spot with 355 points and Orono was the runner-up at 231.

Stillwater’s strongest event was the 500 freestyle where Sam Payne (5:23.85) and Allen Burback (5:30.54) placed third and fourth. Burback also finished fifth in the 200 freestyle (2:01.27) while Payne (1:02.29) and Tucker Naugle (1:05.61) placed eighth and ninth in the 100 butterfly.

“It worked out good for our team,” Luke said. “Everybody gets to be in an invite and everybody got to swim. It’s valuable in the long run.”

Sometimes it helps in the short run, too.

“Many of those kids at Woodbury this year will be at the Bengal next year,” Luke said. “(Marcus) Green was at Woodbury last year and he qualified for the state meet. He was all-state by the end of the year, so things change.”