MSU Mankato football coach should be reinstated

Don Heinzman

Mankato State University alumni, let’s unite. I’m an alumnus of Minnesota State University Mankato, class of 1955, and like you, I’ve been reading about the case of Todd Hoffner, the head football coach who has been acquitted of all charges involving child pornography.

Hoffner’s reputation as a husband, father and football coach has been damaged by these unnecessary charges, relating to 102 seconds of videoing his own children doing playful things in his home.

All the while he and his family are going through this agony, the football team that he recruited and was coaching was cruising to a possible national NCAA Division II national championship until losing last week to Valdosta State of Valdosta, Ga. Hoffner is not able to step foot on the campus, because our university keeps him on paid administrative leave.

He hopes to get his head football-coaching job back, but our university administration is holding off pending an internal investigation.

Wouldn’t you think that internal investigation would have been completed by now?

In the words of one of our alumni, wouldn’t it have been best if the university president had just issued a statement welcoming Hoffner back with open arms and announcing he will continue to coach the football team he recruited?

Instead, we hear there will be an internal investigation, suggesting something else is amiss, or is there. That’s it. No other comment on how long the internal probe will last.

Hoffner should not have to go through any more misery, due to a county attorney who for whatever reason made Hoffner go through what all of us suspected were unfounded charges.

So, I for one, first will write Hoffner a note, expressing my concern over what he had to endure.

Then, I will write to university President Richard Davenport and ask him to see that this successful coach and loving father is reinstated as soon as possible.

Hoffner and his family have suffered enough and deserve better treatment from his university, now being acclaimed for its successful football team seeking national honors.

Todd Hoffner has suffered enough. Join me in writing the president on behalf of all MSU alumni. His email address is: [email protected]

             Don Heinzman is an editorial writer and columnist for ECM/Sun Newspapers.



  • Dan Rockwood

    I agree fully. It seems that the University wants to continue to believe it was right in how it handled the situation with Coach Hoffner (extreme egos and arrogance) and continue to try to find any way they can to terminate him. You would think that with the tide of Public Opinion now in the favor of Coach Hoffner returning that they would be happy that it turned out like it did. Here’s the problem though, these are the people who got the ball rolling on these ridiculous charges in a manner that brought the bad PR to the University as well as great harm to the Hoffner family. They could have taken a different route with investigating this matter in a discreet fashion that would have protected them from liability as well as Coach Hoffner. They chose to throw him under a bus and into the hands of an over zealous incompent county attorney that ended up doing more harm to the family instead of protecting children. The University needs to be pounded with PR now to do the right thing and put egos aside and reinstate a coach that has given them success and great PR in the last 4 years.