Prisoners at corrections facilities face charges

BAYPORT — A Minnesota Correctional Facility-Stillwater inmate was charged with two counts of assault resulting in 15 months in prison with credit for six months served after stabbing another inmate with a shank.

On July 5, 2011, a Department of Corrections officer was alerted to an assault at the prison, according to 10th Judicial District Court documents, The attacker, identified in court documents as Robert Noble, had stabbed another inmate repeatedly with a metal shank.

Court documents said the victim suffered stab wounds to his chest, abdomen, left arm, chin, and lip areas. That inmate was transferred to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for treatment.

Court documents said the injured inmate admitted in investigators that he and Noble had an altercation earlier that day. According to court documents, the injured inmate claimed Noble entered his cell with a large piece of metal and began stabbing him.

Court documents said Noble admitted to investigators that he had an altercation with the victim. Noble added that he was upset and the injured prisoner had been “running his mouth and calling him all sorts of names” so he “took care of it.”

Court documents said Noble admitted going to the injured prisoner’s cell and stabbing him with a shank. He also told corrections officers where they would find the weapon in the injured inmate’s cell.

Documents state that corrections officers reviewed security video which corroborated both inmates’ stories. Noble was charged with second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and third degree assault resulting in substantial bodily harm.


Prisoner hits, chokes corrections officers


            OAK PARK HEIGHTS — A Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights inmate faces two counts of fourth-degree assault on corrections officers in connection with a June incident.

Court documents said the prisoner, identified as Carieon Dupra Scurlock, ignored an order not to climb on top of the toilet and sink during a June 17 security check in the prison’s administrative control unit.  Court documents add that a corrections officer decided to place the Scurlock on quiet status. The CO directed Scurlock to his knees and told the inmate to place his hands through the book pass. Scurlock complained and was secured in wrist restraints, according to court documents.

Court documents said as one of the corrections officers entered Scurlock’s cell and began removing items not allowed to inmates on quiet status, Scurlock stood up and swung his arms free from the book pass and pinned one of the officers between the cell wall and door.

Documents said the officers and Scurlock struggled, and the inmate hit the officers in the knees and grabbed one by the throat.

Court documents said the two officers were treated at Lakeview Hospital for their injuries. Scurlock admitted to prison officials that he stood on the sink and knew he should have stayed on his knees and avoid the situation.