Mischief at local store lands teens, mom in trouble

            OAK PARK HEIGHTS — Three teenage boys were cited for underage drinking and one of the boys’ mother who arrived to pick him up was arrested on a third-degree DWI charge around 8 a.m. Nov. 25.

According to Oak Park Heights Police reports, a Wal-Mart SuperCenter manager reported the three unruly teens to police after the trio appeared intoxicated and were asked several times to leave the store.

The three teens who, according to reports, were a 19-year-old and two 16-year-olds spoke with officers who noticed signs of intoxication. Reports said the officers asked the teens to take a breath-test. One boy voluntarily submitted to the test while the other two chose to deny the test until their parents arrived. A small bottle of vodka was found in one boy’s jacket pocket, and he was subsequently handcuffed by officers, according to reports.

After calling the boys’ parents, one mother arrived and also appeared intoxicated to officers with bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. When officers asked her for identification, the woman showed a Minnesota ID card, and said she had a South Dakota driver’s license.

After running the woman’s South Dakota driver’s license, officers discovered it was expired and she had a misdemeanor warrant in Washington County with $100 bail.

Officers cited one of the boys and he was told to call for a ride. The other teen was released to his parents, while the son of the mother cited with DWO was cited and released to the custody of his mother’s boyfriend along with her car. The teenagers’ breath tests were between .05 and .123.

The mother was taken to Washington County Jail, submitted to a breath test and signed papers regarding the notice and order of revocation and order of license plate impoundment.

 Juveniles take wheelchair for a ride

Two juveniles apparently took wheelchairs from a healthcare center in the 300 block of Greeley Street Nov. 24 and rode them down Myrtle and Owens streets, getting in the way of traffic.

Stillwater Police officers responded to the call and took the juveniles and the wheelchairs back to the center where an employee contacted a supervisor who declined to press charges against the juveniles.

Both juveniles were taken to the police department where one parent picked one up while officers brought the other back to his home.

 Pair cited after fighting in city park

A teenager and a 20-year-old Stillwater man were both cited for disorderly conduct, underage consumption and possession of brass knuckles at Benson Park on the night of Nov. 27.

Stillwater Police reports said an off-duty Ramsey County Sheriff’s deputy called Stillwater police after breaking up a fight between the 17-year-old and the 20-year-old, identified as Cecil Walker.

Reports said the deputy found a set of brass knuckles and pocketknife on the 17-year-old after breaking up the fight. Reports added that the teenager was treated for a bloody nose while Walker denied medical attention.

According to reports, both Walker and the teenager claimed the other threw the first punch and they knew each other through a mutual friend. Walker told police that the teenager was threatening to beat up his friends.

Reports indicate the teen told officers Walker allegedly instigated the fight by telling him to come to the park to fight. The teen added that he brought the brass knuckles because Walker told the teen he was “rolling seven people deep.” Reports also said the teen admitted to hitting Walker in the face.

Walker admitted to drinking four shots of vodka and tested at .14. A test of the teen’s breath indicate that he had been drinking as well, registering a .08.  The teen also admitted to having vodka earlier in the evening.

Walker was released to a friend while the teen was brought to his home.