Weekend scuffles at Rafters

Man assaulted by unknown assailant

A man reported being assaulted by an unknown suspect behind Rafters and his friend reported having her car windshield damaged while parked behind Midtown antiques early Sunday morning on Nov. 25.

According to reports the man reported the assault late Sunday morning. Reports state that the man told police he was exiting Rafters from the east exit and was walking to his friend’s car when he told police he was sucker punched. The man said his glasses were knocked to the ground and he did not see his attacker as he left.

Reports state that the man originally told police he was on the patio area and was wondering if there was a camera facing that location then changed his story and said he may have been on the street  and wasn’t sure where he was punched.

Reports state that the man’s friend was inside Rafters at the time of the assault but the man did have a black eye and a swollen nose. Damage to the vehicle was also confirmed.

Reports state the man had told police that he was out with a large group and that there was no altercation or confrontation with others in the bar at the time. Reports state the man did not have anything stolen either.

Reports state police asked the man that if he wasn’t being honest to be more forward with them so they could better investigate the case. The man told them he was being honest and did not have disagreeable encounters with other bar patrons. Though police reports note that the man had taken the liberty of trying to get the tape from a video at Rafters and only filed a police report after his mother encouraged him to contact police.

Reports state that police officers went to rafters and spoke with employees that were on scene around the time the man was there. They reported that no issues between groups had occurred and confirmed that the man had asked for the videotape. Reports state officers asked for the videotape at the east exit to see if a potential suspect could be identified and were expected to receive the tape on Wednesday.

According to Stillwater Police Department Jeff Stender it is a misdemeanor case and the officer is following up on it.

Insults lead to fight

Police responded to a call to Rafters early Saturday morning Nov. 24 on the grounds that a cold assault had occurred.

Reports indicate that the man who made the call said his brother had had his shirt torn and necklace clasp broken by another man in the bar after he tried using pick-up lines on his girlfriend.

Police talked with the boyfriend who told them that the man approached his girlfriend and called her insulting and derogatory things. After the man continued calling his girlfriend names the boyfriend admitted to throwing him to the ground and said that his actions did result in the man having his shirt torn and necklace broken.

Reports state that Rafters staff said the man who insulted the girlfriend apologized and then came back and continued to insult her. Reports state that staff observed both parties fall to the floor in an altercation but no punches were thrown and it was broken up quickly. The man and his brother were removed from the bar. Reports state the man did not file assault charges but wanted the boyfriend to pay for his ruined items.