Woman faces child neglect charges

BAYPORT — A Bayport woman faces child neglect charges after police officers  responding to a child welfare call allegedly reported the women to be extremely intoxicated.

Court documents said the Jan. 24 incident began when officers were dispatched to 38-year-old Sara Christine Johnson’s home on a report about a mother who was allegedly unable to care for her two sons.

According to court documents, Johnson’s mother-in-law was on the scene when officers arrived and she reported that Johnson was extremely intoxicated. Court documents add that officers approached Johnson and said they saw her eyes were bloodshot and watery and they couldn’t understand what Johnson was saying because she was mumbling.

Court documents said officers tried to administer a preliminary breath test with limited success, but were able to show an alleged 0.28 BAC reading.

Johnson’s children were taken to a local ice rink and later placed in the care of their father.

Court documents note that officers have been dispatched to Johnson’s home four previous times and preliminary BAC tests indicated that Johnson had allegedly been intoxicated in the presence of her children each time.