Languid days and nights on the lake

It has been a slow news week on the lake compared to the tidal wave of election ads and prognostications. We finally turned the TV off two weeks before the election, forsaking pundits and ads alike.

There is one memorable ad from Maine that had no political message, just a relaxing video of Maine. You can watch it on You Tube. Google search “not your typical ad” “Richard Tisei.”. I wonder how many votes he got purely for civility?

Perusing old lake photos was a much better use of time. I have picked a few from across the years to share. We started the lake article in 2007 so more would know Stillwater’s hidden gem. For six years we have enjoyed many beautiful sunsets and moonsets.

If you focus on that moment you will believe you are alone in the woods.  A pair of eagles recognized the serenity and resources, and spent several years in our backyards before building a gigantic nest of sticks in a white pine on the west side of the lake. Their young now call this home.

The Anishnaabe called the November moon “gashkadino-giizis,” or “the freezing moon.”  In six years of photos we saw the lake freeze at a progressively later date. This year may be the exception as the water is very low and cold. We have already had several mornings of skim ice since the end of October. But the warm days banish it.

Soon enough we will see it remain, joined by the first snows resting on the Woody condo. And the ice will lock the cattails in a frozen grip until spring releases the fluffy seeds, and the circle of life completes.

The Lake is a wonder and a gift given to us all.  Enjoy it, and care for it.


— Text and photos by Lee Miller