State will reimburse county for prosecuting

Peter Orput

Washington County will be reimbursed up to $25,000 in 2013 from the state Department of Corrections Office of Policy and Legal Services for the county’s costs in prosecuting inmates charged with offenses at the two state prisons in the county.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput asked the Board of Commissioners Tuesday to approve his office’s reimbursement agreement with DOC. Although state law allows reimbursement of the county’s expenses prosecuting inmates, recent state deficits eliminated the reimbursements.

Orput told commissioners he was able to restore the lost funding through talks with DOC officials. However, he told commissioners the money will not cover all his offices costs for prosecuting inmates’ crimes at Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights and Minnesota Correcitonal Facility-Stillwater in Bayport.


County adds to 2013 legislative agenda


The Washington County Board of Commissioners will ask legislators in 2013 session to addresss the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s solid-waste enforcement and amend the statutory authority of regional railroad authorities to spend bus rapid transit funds as part of the board’s legislative agenda.

The two items were added to the county’s legislative agenda Tuesday, about one month after the package was first adopted by commissioners Oct. 9.

Regarding the MPCA, the county wants to be held harmless from meeting the agency’s regional waste processing objectives if the MPCA is unsuccessful in enforcing the mandatory garbage processing law.

The county also wants the legislature to give the Washington County Regional Rail Authority the ability to spend BRT funds on all county transit ways.

Other items on the county’s legislative agenda relate to local property taxpayer protection; the Gateway Corridor and metro-area transit governance; a Manning Avenue crossing for the Brown’s Creek Trail, and regional parks funding from the state’s Legacy Amendment.

After adopting its legislative agenda, the County Board will meet with the county’s legislative delegation near the start of the Jan. 8 opening of the legislature.


FamilyWise to provide case management


FamilyWise Services will provide case management and basic needs services to Washington County families in the Parent Support Outreach Program under a contract approved Tuesday buy the Board of Commissioners.

The county will use a $50,000 grant each year for the next five years from the state Department of Human Services to pay for PSOP.

An estimated 50 eligible families a year will receive PSOP services. PSOP is designed to deliver family services for those not meeting child protection services criteria but who need resourses and support to improve family well being and reduce the risk of future maltreatment.

The county’s Child Services staff will determine family eligibility and interest in the voluntary program and assign cases to either FamilyWise or People, Inc. FamilyServices will monitor families’ progress and report to the county.