County has problem-free election

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie

Election Day was a success in Washington County.

Washington County Director of Property Records and Taxpayer Services Jennifer Wagenius said voter turnout was in the low 80 percent margin and an estimated 142,500 votes were cast.

“We had a very good turnout and I don’t think the weather affected anything.” Wagenius said.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said Wednesday a record number of Minnesotans, more than 2.9 million or 76 percent of registered voters, cast ballots Tuesday.

“The voter turnout number will increase as the final precincts report their results,” Ritchie said.

Wagenius said the only hiccup in the county occurred when eight precincts needed to be re-run later Tuesday night.

“Everything went pretty smoothly and balancing those at the end of the night went very well.” she said.

A few complaints were heard from voters about election judges clarifying the amendment votes to some people.

“We did hear from a few precincts that the clerk and head election judge had done this. But we called and told them that if folks asked they should show them where the amendment procedure was listed and have them interpret the ballot themselves,” Wagenius said.

Wagenius added that they did have large copies of the ballot amendments posted for those who had eyesight issues and couldn’t read the small printing, but it was suggested that they take down the signs so they did.

Wagenius said the county has not been contacted about any recounts and the only race that could go to a recount is a Grant City Council race because the results are within half a percent of one percent. That will only occur if a candidate asks for it from the city.

Next Tuesday is canvassing day where the results will be reviewed and certified.