McCollum wins big; Bachmann retains seat

County voters reject marriage amendment, but favor photo ID


Incumbent Democratic Fourth District Congresswoman Betty McCollum easily beat back a challenge from Republican Tony Hernandez by a two-to-one margin Tuesday to hold on to her seat in the redrawn district.

Minnesotans also rejected two proposed constitutional amendments — one defining marriage as between a man and woman, the other requiring a photo ID for voting.

Unofficial results show 1,506,310 people voted no on the marriage amendment and 1,398,533 voted yes, and 1,534,596 voted no on photo ID and 1,361,107 voted yes.

“Today, the people of Minnesota spoke loudly and clearly and became the first state in the country to defeat this kind of hurtful, freedom-limiting amendment,” said Richard Carlbom, Minnesotans United for All Families campaign manager.

“They said no to limiting the freedom if committed and loving couples in Minnesota, they said no to singling out and excluding one group of people from a basic freedom just because of who they are, and they said no to telling some people it’s illegal to marry the person they love,” he said.

Washington County voters rejected the marriage amendment with 77,108 voting no and 63,767 voting yes according to complete by unofficial results. However, those same voters supported the photo ID amendment with 72,215 yes votes to 68,547 no votes in complete by unofficial results.

In the Sixth Congressional District race that includes northern Washington County, incumbent Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann held a slim lead over her Democratic challenger, St. Cloud businessman Jim Graves with 279 of 280 precincts reporting.

And in the Second Congressional District, which includes the southern tip of Washington County, incumbent Republican Rep. John Kline defeated his DFL challenger, Mike Obermueller.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Democrat, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, handily defeated her Republican challenger, Kurt Bills by a better than 2-to-1 margin. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, unofficial results show Klobuchar with 1,850,341 votes, 62.2 percent and Bills with 867,183 votes, 30.56 percent. Three other candidates split the remaining votes.

With all 230 precincts today, complete by unofficial results show McCollum had 216,680 votes, 62.27 percent, to Hernandez’s 109,656, 31.51 percent. Independence Party candidate Steve Carlson trailed with 21,132 votes, 6.07 percent.

In Washington County, where the central part of the county was put in the McCollum’s district as part redistricting, Hernandez kept the contest somewhat close. With all 59 precincts reporting today, McCollum received 45,887 votes, 51.17 percent, to Hernandez’s 38,198 votes, 42.60 percent. Carlson received 4,603 votes, 6.13 percent.

Washington County cities placed in the Fourth District by a March judicial redistricting plan include Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, Bayport Lake Elmo, Oakdale, Grant, Afton, Dellwood, Mahtomedi, Birchwood Village, Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, Lake St. Croix Beach, St. Mary’s Point and West Lakeland, Baytown and Stillwater townships.

In the U.S. Senate race, complete but unofficial results show Klobuchar carried the county by a large margin, receiving 88,581 votes, 64 percent, to Bills’ 45,135 votes, 33 percent.

The tight Sixth Congressional District race between Bachmann and Graves was mirrored in the county’s results. With all 13 precincts reporting, unofficial results had Bachmann holding a 58-vote lead over Graves with Bachmann receiving 11,402 votes, 50.04 percent, to Graves’ 11,344 votes, 49.78 percent.

With all 280 District Six precincts reporting about 4 a.m. today, unofficial results show Bachmann receiving 180,131 votes, 50.45 percent to Graves’ 175,924 votes, 49.27 percent.

The tight race surprised Chase Kroll, Bachmann’s campaign manager, but he was optimistic Bachmann would win.

“I did not think it was going to be this late, but I still think we are going to win,” he said.

Kroll also said he did not think a recount was likely.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he said.

Jim Graves’ campaign manager, Adam Graves, said early today the

Graves campaign would issue a statement later, but wasn’t willing to concede the race.

The sprawling Sixth District includes Forest Lake, Scandia, Hugo, Marine on St. Croix and May Township in Washington County.

Although Kline was re-elected in the Second Congressional District, the contest was close in Washington County, with complete but unofficial results showing Kline getting 11,196 votes, 50.14 percent, to Obermueller’s 11,112 tally, 49.76 percent.

With all 291 District 2 precincts reporting, unofficial results showed Kline receiving 193,587 votes, 54 percent, to Obermueller’s 164,335 votes, 46 percent.

The Second District in Washington County includes Cottage Grove, all but the northern tip of St. Paul Park, Grey Cloud Island and Denmark Township.


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