Local mailboxes targets of vandalism

Mailboxes were the targets of vandals who apparently set small fires at two separate locations in the last few days although no major damage was reported.

According to Stillwater Police reports, one witness on a walk on the 3500 block of Abercrombie Lane noticed a light flickering at the base of mailbox units at a town home complex. That witness put out the small fire before calling police.

Officers noticed black marks on the wooden insert located beneath the mailbox units where people can retrieve their newspapers. The officer reported finding a partially burned paper towel roll stuffed with fabric that likely used to ignite the small blaze.

Police reported a second small mailbox fire in the 3800 block of Abercrombie Lane. The complainant told officers that when she retrieved mail from her town home mailbox, some of her mail was burned and the fire put itself out. She added that her mailbox does not lock and that it appeared none of her mail had been stolen.

Both incidents remain under investigation, according to Stillwater Police spokesman Sgt. Jeff Stender.

Damage to property

Four vehicles at Cooper Motors were tampered with, resulting in $3,000 worth of damage, according to SPD reports.

A Cooper Motors employee told officers that a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice in the front lot, a 1994 Chevy K1500 pickup truck, 1995 Pontiac Bonneville and a 1988 Plymouth Voyager in the back lot all had damaged steering columns, according to a report.

Reports did not say how the vehicles were entered. The complainant said vehicles on his lot are locked and all vehicle keys are in the business. Police indicate they found no sign of forced entry.

Reports said the business has video surveillance, but the cameras are aimed at the dealership entrances and exits and extend a short distance into each parking lot. The complainant told officers that he hadn’t noticed any activity on the recordings and the cars in question were out of range of surveillance. Total damages are estimated at $3,000.

Over $1,000 worth of property stolen from vehicles

A Stillwater man reported $1,000 worth of stolen property to police on Oct. 29.

Police reports said the thefts occurred from two different vehicles owned by the same person on the 500 block of Greeley Street North. Items reported stolen were a journal belonging to the owner of the vehicle, a silver Native American bracelet valued at $400, a black Nixon watch valued at $300, a black wedding ring of titanium or cobalt valued at $175, a Kwik Silver Backpack for rock climbing valued at $200, rock climbing shoes valued at $80, two rock climbing harnesses with a total value of $210 and an Apple iTouch valued at $100 to $150. Bank documents for a business account were also reported missing.

The vehicles were unlocked and the crime is believed to have occurred Oct. 28-29.