Rebuttal: Housley responds to attacks, campaign filing report

           I appreciate this opportunity to clarify the attacks on me during this campaign. They are unfounded and unfair, but all part of the tactic my opponent and her party chose to play.

They have attacked my investment book, a book with the sound principles of Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch. I have taught many women right here in our community the importance of taking responsibility for their finances. The book was published by Random House, and I continue to teach women throughout the country the importance of fiscal responsibility. I am very proud of my book, and will be publishing another in the near future.

Also, a last-minute attempt by the DFL to file a complaint against my Campaign Finance Report filed in July was a complete media ploy. They knew it was July’s 2012 report that mistakenly was published online, yet took the opportunity to create a press release in hopes of getting some last minute negative PR. The mistake was quickly remedied by our volunteer treasurer and the Campaign Finance Board. The CFB immediately sent a notice to the DFL to let them know they would not be investigating their complaint. Yet, my opponent took the opportunity to throw mud.

This is why good people avoid politics. It gets ugly.


Karin Housley, St. Mary’s Point

Editor’s Note: This is a rebuttal to a previously published letter and report. Housley is the Senate District 39. Republican candidazte