DNR: No hunting on trail site

            Though the old Zephyr rail line has been taken over by the state Department of Natural Resoures, the Brown’s Creek Trail area in Stillwater is not open to hunting.

“Regulations, and city ordinances, pre-empt DNR regulations and hunting is not allowed in the city,” DNR Parks and Trails supervisor Rachel Hintzman said. “From our perspective, the trail is not open right now so people shouldn’t be in there regardless.”

The DNR has taken over the former railroad tracks of the Zephyr and the line will become the Brown’s Creek Trail connecting the Gateway Trail to downtown Stillwater.

Mayor Ken Harycki said the city had talked with the DNR last week about placing “No Hunting” signs at the trail site,, but the DNR is understaffed and doesn’t have the resources to do that. When the tracks are removed, a sign will be posted saying “Do Not Enter — Trail Closed.” Police can ticket people hunting on the DNR trail.

“People can’t hunt on it (the trail) because you can’t hunt within city limits,” said Stillwater City Administrator Larry Hansen.

As for places where people can hunt, DNR Conservation Officer Scott Arntzen said that the whole state is open to deer hunting, but hunting areas vary by municipalities.

“We always advise hunters to check ordinances in the areas they are hunting to make sure that discharge of fire arms is allowed,” Arntzen said. “Stay away from the areas that are off-limits to deer hunting and check with local government to see if firearm discharge is allowed in the area.”