Complaint against Housley dropped

The state Campaign Finance Committee Thursday dropped a complaint filed against Republican state Senate candidate Karin Housley after determining that a  treasurer error resulted in a “lack of reported information.”

“We did receive the document in form of the complaint and we reviewed the matter,” said Executive Director Gary Goldsmith of the Minnesota Campaign Finance Committee. “Because the complaint was based on lack of reported information we have chosen not to investigate as filed.”

Goldsmith added that the Senate DFL Caucus, which filed the initial complaint, could file a subsequent complaint if they so chose and felt that any further information was lacking.

Mike Kennedy of the Senate DFL Caucus said he has since filed a new complaint against Housley’s campaign.

“We re-filed a complaint against Karin Housley with the Campaign Finance Board and amended it. We believe some expenses were never reported like potential corporate contributions and a fundraiser she had on Majestic Star Yacht in early October,” he said.

Housley said those expenses have not yet been paid, and only paid amounts must be reported on the financial reports. Housley added that she has sufficient money in her campaign account to pay for those expenses.

Housley believes this new complaint is another attempt by the DFL to take the focus off issues and her opponent, Democrat Julie Bunn’s voting record, and that it’s a last ditch attempt to get media attention off issues in the race.

“They tried and failed to get it passed yesterday and they continue to try and sabotage the campaign because they don’t want eyes on their candidate’s record. They can try but the people know,” Housley said. “They’ve put in two complaints in 48 hours and the first one was thrown out. This is why people hate politics. I’ve run a clean and positive campaign and they are continuing to try to screw things up where there is nothing that is wrong.”

The Campaign Finance Board will review the new complaint. If the allegations are accepted, the matter goes to the committee and takes 30 days or more after the complaint is filed and accepted.

The Campaign Finance Board does not comment on filing complaints when they are under investigation, Goldsmith said.