Report error results in complaint against Housley

Senate DFL Caucus files action over ad spending


Campaign Finance officials cited treasurer error as a contributing factor to a claim filed by the Senate DFL Caucus against Senate District 39 Republican candidate Karin Housley for filing a false campaign finance report.

Housley said the wrong report from July was filed online, and she expects the complaint to be dropped today.

“If Mike Kennedy (of the Senate DFL Caucus) had checked the report, he would have realized that it was the report from July,” Housley said. “If he had bothered to check, the correct one has been posted online. I think they were looking for something to attack quickly It was a media move.”

Campaign Finance Executive Director Gary Goldsmith said that he could not confirm or deny that the complaint against Housley would be dropped, and would know more late today. He did say that the July report was accidentally filed and that treasurer error was to blame. He added that the correct report from Housley’s campaign was immediately posted online early this morning.

“The original reports posted were identical to the primary election numbers that were certified back in July,” Goldsmith said. “The treasurer had created a pre-general election report back in July without the added re-creation that was posted online. I have discussed it with the treasurer and she agreed that that was what happened, though she had added the changes on her end she missed a step with the software and incorrectly reported it.”

Mike Kennedy of the Senate DFL Caucus said in his original complaint that he had concerns about an ad in City Pages, and a truck that has a billboard ad that weren’t reported.

Housley said she had included her City Pages ad and truck cost in her October filing.

Kennedy said at the time of publication the Senate DFL Caucus had just received Housley’s new report and were looking through it.

“We’re likely to amend our complaint and still follow through with it,” he said. “Frankly, we don’t believe that she’s reported all her campaign expenditures and believe there’s still a tale to tell with regards to her vehicle she’s been using for her campaign. We believe that is a corporate contribution.”

Housley is running against Democrat and former state House representative Julie Bunn for the state Senate seat left vacant when former state Sen. Ray Vandeveer of Forest Lake opted not to seek another term for health reasons.