Prison fight results in added time, fine for prison inmate

An inmate at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Stillwater in Bayport had his sentence extended and fined $50 for third-degree assault in connection with a Jan. 3 incident.

Court documents report that the prisoner, Derek Croud, punched another inmate in the head multiple times causing the victim to fall against a rail and then to the floor.

Court documents said Croud walked away, then returned and continued punching the victim in the face. The other inmate did not fight back and documents report that he lost consciousness during the incident and was bleeding from his left eye.

The two were separated and the other prisoner was treated at the prison and transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital, according to court documents. The documents said the victim sustained a left blowout fracture, fractured nose, a cut requiring stitches and other cuts and lacerations above and around his eyes.

Court records said the injured inmate told investigators that he did not know why Croud attacked him, but said just before the incident Croud told him he wasn’t a snitch and that he wanted this settled.

Court documents said Croud agreed to speak with officers and reportedly told them: “This other white boy came up to me and said (the other prisoner) said you snitched on him so he was going to shank you up. I confronted him about it. He said something under his breath. I hit him, man. Someone said, ‘Watch out, watch out,’ so I hit him like three more times, five, six, I don’t know. In a way I was defending myself. It’s going to be a waste of time man ‘cuz I’m going to trial.”

Croud was committed to Commissioner of Corrections for 15 months concurrent to time he is serving now.

Man convicted of second-degree burglary

            A man was convicted of second-degree burglary and placed on five years probation after stealing items from a family member’s home.

Court documents state that on June 23, Stillwater Police responded to a call of forced burglary at a residence on the 1600 block of Greeley Street South. The victim said it likely occurred between 4:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. on June 23.

The victim said they suspected their brother, Jacob Janacek, and that a15-inch television, 15 Xbox games; an Xbox Elite Touch, two iPod docking stations and his iMac laptop were missing. The estimated cost was $3,900.

Janacek was detained for an alleged theft at Taco Bell in Oak Park Heights and was discovered to have some items that did not belong to him and were stolen from the victim’s home. Janacek admitted using a crowbar to access the victim’s home and that he took the items because he was homeless and needed money. Janacek admitted he sold the Xbox in exchange for cash.

Janacek has been prevented from visiting his relative’s home without permission and must pay a $50 fine within 120 days.