Peichel retires after 35 years with YSB

Dear Friends in South Washington County,

After 35 years of counseling at Youth Service Bureau in South Washington County, I have decided it is time to retire. My career has been rewarding, never boring and many times wonderful. The people of South Washington County are responsible for this.

There are so many people I need to thank. For this reason I do not want to single out anyone knowing I would leave too many out. I do want to voice appreciation for the municipalities, agencies, corrections, schools, law enforcement, human services and all youth serving agencies and their staff. Without these agencies and the talented and committed individuals who serve in them, doing my job would have been impossible. It really does take a village and South Washington County is a very good one.

I want to thank Youth Service Bureau and its predecessor for giving me the chance to begin and end my work here. I am grateful to the many co-workers, board members and leaders over the years for the support you have given and the work we have done together.

Most of all, I want to express my deep gratitude to all the kids and families who allowed me to walk with them in their lives for a period of time. I can only hope that our experience together was beneficial to each of you. I do know walking these journeys with you enriched my life for the last 35 years.

If I have omitted anyone or any group, please know that I have appreciated all my interactions with all of you over the years.

It is my hope that YSB and all other youth serving agencies will continue to impact this and future generations. With continued support of this vision, we can continue to form a strong circle of support for all of the kids and their families in South Washington County.


Tom Peichel, LICSW, LMFT

Youth & Family Therapist, Youth Service Bureau, Inc.

Cottage Grove