Lubricants a slippery slope to trouble

Unruly passenger pours oil on taxi, driver; juveniles spray WD40 in store

At least one man and two teenagers took slippery slopes to trouble that involved motor oil and a spray lubricant in separate incidents over the weekend.

In one, a taxi driver had motor oil poured on him and his vehicle by an apparent intoxicated and unruly patron early Sunday morning after taking the 30-year-old man and three others home from downtown Stillwater.

According to a Stillwater Police, the taxi driver told officers his passengers were rowdy and appeared to be intoxicated. The cab driver added that he told the group to be quiet, but they did not listen.

The report said the driver took his passengers to an Oak Park Heights gas station to purchase food and the group then asked to go to a residence on the 900 block of Fifth Street.

Thee report states that the driver told officers the passengers became disruptive after arriving at the residents and the suspect became upset when told the driver did not accept credit cards.

The driver told officers the suspect entered the residence and came out with a quart of motor oil. The suspect jumped on the hood of the driver’s cab, poured motor oil on the hood, windshield and roof of the vehicle, then poured the motor oil on the driver’s side front seat and on the driver, according to the report.

The report added that a struggle ensued, and the suspect allegedly hit the taxi driver on the right side of his head. The suspect then went back into his house.

The report said a neighbor corroborated the taxi driver’s story, The driver did not have any visible injuries and said refused medical attention.

The case has been forwarded to investigations and charges are pending in the incident.

Mischief at Kwik Trip

Two juveniles were referred to the Youth Service Bureau after allegedly spraying DW40 inside the Settles Way Kwik Trip, then fleeing the scene.

A Stillwater Police report said a witness told officers that two boys and two girls entered Kwik Trip shortly after 1:30 p.m. Saturday, took a can of WD40 off of the shelf and sprayed it around two aisles of the store and on merchandise and left the store.

The group returned and did the same thing, then ran north toward Rutherford Elementary School when confronted by a store clerk, the report added.

Police reports said after looking at surveillance footage, one officer identified one of the girls involved. That girl then gave officers, contact information for the boys, according to the report.

The report said officers located the boys and got permission from their parents to talk with them. The boys admitted to officers that they sprayed the WD40 in the store, telling officers they did not know why they did it, according to the report.

After officers spoke with the boys about how their actions, the youths were referred to YSB and the parents agreed to go to Kwik Trip and pay for the WD40 and other damages.