PAC money unnecessary intrusion in local election

We have recently received two over-sized, four-color direct mail pieces that target state Senate District 39 candidate Julie Bunn. As a graphic designer, I am acutely aware of how expensive such pieces are. These mailers are paid for by something called Freedom Club State PAC with a P.O. Box in Champlin, Minn.

I just have to ask why so much money is coming into the district to defeat Julie? Could it be that Julie is an eminently qualified candidate whose background in economics and writing bipartisan legislation positions her especially well to deal with the difficult fiscal challenges facing our state? Could it be that the GOP candidate admittedly does not carry strong qualifications in this area and must rely on a third-party to tear down a strong candidate?

This PAC money seems an unnecessary intrusion into our local election. Will Stillwater’s election be bought for Karin Housley by outside interests? Can Housley stand on her own?

It’s disappointing to see such tactics used in our Rivertown elections.


Sandra Wolfe Wood