Lake Elmo council needs Emmons’ fresh approach

I watched the recent Lake Elmo City Council candidate forum and was impressed with incumbent Councilman Brett Emmons. His occupation as a civic and environmental engineer with 15 years experience running his own company is a perfect fit for Lake Elmo, where we are concerned about preserving our open space and the ecology of our area.

He said he can be sometimes soft-spoken and thinks like an engineer. I think that is a good thing. I have observed him in council meetings being thoughtful, deliberate and using reason, information and facts to make decisions.  He was quite articulate in the forum about what he thinks is necessary for the future of Lake Elmo. I would trust him to make decisions for our city.

Of all the candidates, I believe he has proven that he can maintain an open mind and bring a fresh approach to problems in a calm and respectful manner. He is a top quality candidate who is far above the others. He will certainly have my vote.


Robert Pike

Lake Elmo