Ptacek shows passion for education, ISD 834

Mike Ptacek has a passion for education — a passion to educate himself and a passion to provide students with the best educational opportunities possible. He will serve you and your students well when he is again elected to the Independent School District 834 School Board.

We have known Mike for more than 20 years and he continues to amaze us with his thirst for knowledge. He combs the newspaper, magazines, and websites daily seeking to understand today’s the complex issues. He searches for forums and presentations from experts and attends them regularly. He is always reading books — from the classics to economic theory. His wide breadth of knowledge will be invaluable when he is on the school board, providing a vision, perspective and foundation for making the right decisions that will shape the future of 834 students.

We are confident that his vision includes the best math and science courses possible, allowing our students to excel in today’s high-tech world. As parents of two engineers and a med student (all educated in ISD 834 schools), we understand the benefits of excellent technology courses.

Please join us in re-electing Mike Ptacek to the ISD 834 School Board on Nov. 6.

Jim and Nancy Nelson