Checkpoint find leads to woman’s conviction

A woman was sentenced to five years probation after she was convicted on a drug charge after Washington County Sheriff’s deputies found drugs and drug paraphernalia in the woman’s purse at a Government Center security checkpoint.

Court documents said sheriff’s deputies noticed several prohibited objects in Audra Tamara Sue Boswell’s purse when it went through an x-ray machine in the court wing screening area Feb. 13. A deputy pulled Boswell aside and said Boswell’s purse had to be checked further.

A deputy checking the purse discovered a large folding knife and a small folding knife, both of which the Boswell admitted knowing were in the purse. The deputy also found a digital camera which is prohibited by courthouse rules and a replica of  a derringer pistol attached to a pouch, court documents said.

Inside the pouch, the deputy discovered two glass pipes with possible methamphetamine residue on them and two small plastic bags with white residue on the inside, documents said. The deputy asked Boswell what the residue was and she said it was methamphetamine. The pipes later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Court documents noted that a friend of Boswell who entered with the woman spoke to Boswell about bringing the items in the center. Boswell told her friend that it was just paraphernalia and that she believed she would not be arrested for it.


Alleged theft


            A New Brighton man has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle and property.

Court documents said the man, identified as Jason Andrew Himmer, allegedly stole his ex-wife’s 1993 Ford Aerostar van from her Stillwater home after celebrating his birthday and spending the night of Sept. 28.

When Himmer’s ex-wife woke up, court reports said Himmer was gone and the the woman’s flat screen television, vehicle, keys to her vehicle and her house and her electronic benefits card had been taken. Court reports added that she reported money had been withdrawn from her card.

On Oct. 12, court documents said a female party allegedly told Himmer’s ex-wife taht Himmer was in St. Paul with her van.

Court documents said Himmer told police that he parked the van but couldn’t remember where he had left it. Himmer then said he left the keys under the seat in a lot adjacent to his ex-wife’s town home. Documents added that a search of the parking lot did find the van.