Weekend animal calls give police ‘paws’

Two dogs took the phrase “in the doghouse” to a new level at a Stillwater home last weekend.

A Stillwater Police officer was called to a residence in the 700 block of Maple Street West Saturday about two dogs walking on the roof of the home.

When the officer arrived, he did not see any dogs walking on the roof of the residence, but noticed an open window without a screen to keep the dogs off of the roof, according to a police report.

The report said when the officer spoke with the home’s resident, the man admitted that he regularly lets his two small dogs walk on the roof saying, “They have good balance.”

The officer advised the homeowner to stop letting his dogs on the roof because of animal endangerment issues, the report added.

The officer also checked if the homeowner had city licenses for the dogs. The man did not, but said he would get his dogs city licenses in 10 days, the report said. The report also notes that the officer did not find any evidence of animal endangerment.

In another unrelated animal incident Saturday, a resident in the 200 block of Harriet Street North sought help getting her cat out from under her home’s porch.

A report said the cat’s owner told an officer that her pet was under her porch and would not come out.

According to the report, the officer set a live trap baited with  a can of tuna near the porch. The cat eventually came out and was released inside the home, the report added.